Orendi and Krieg similarities (chaotic personalities)

Aside from the obvious…craziness. They both seem to have an inner voice/split personality? I loved everything about Krieg in B2, his personality to his play style. It was a breath of fresh air. My main issue was when the took away his big quotes from his final skill in the red tree, it was awesome listening to that while I sliced and diced my through enemies like butter. Orendi reminds me of him a lot, but I miss that caotic nature in a melee fighter. It would be great to have another Melee Battleborn who is just as chaotic, if not more so, than these two.

I was also thinking about Beatrix’s concept art and how she could fulfil that role. I’m not sure if she will be Melee focused, ranged or a mix of both. I just hope she comes and brings even more chaotic carnage to the battlefield :imp:

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Orendi is pretty much Krieg, with a pinch of Tina (thanks to Burch) personality wise. Which is why I like her alot.


I mentioned this in another thread, or at least something similar. I really wish there was some Krieg analogue in this game. I miss the high speed, brutal melee, and that fascinating mixture of psychotic rage and regretful sanity. I wonder if Battleborn and Borderlands occur at different times in the same universe. Whatever. I just want more Krieg. Unfortunately, I don’t think Beatrix will wind up being that kind of character. She looks more Gothic Lolita to me in design. So she might be psychotic, but I don’t think it’ll be the same kind of oddly amiable psychosis that Krieg had.

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