Orendi Bugs and Issues

Bottom HUD Hands don’t properly show where the projectiles are spawning causing them to hit objects that would otherwise be cleared; On stairs and from behind cover. Very noticeable while using secondary attack, but noticeable on bottom left hand with primary attack.

Secondary shot - Homing ability : Bounces off of H3nch4n shields at close range causing them not to deal any damage to H3nch4n. Shots have issues targeting Shard Pillars at close range. Other targeting issues at close range.

It seems that the shots spawn around the enemy, fly past, then fly away if within 1 or 2 meters.

On Algorithm at the first Shard Pillar that powers the trap doors that allow access to where you fight the h3nchm4n, it is possible to get stuck on the Shard Pillar containment apparatus.