Orendi Build: "The Framerate Killer"

Hey guys, been following Battleborn for the last few weeks, lurking in the shadows of the forums. Seeing all the hard work put in by @TatlTael, @jmcennamo, @sunro, and others to theory craft some builds, here’s a crazy take on many people’s favorite rogue, Orendi. This idea was inspired by a comment @Jythri made here; helix choices based on doing lots of damage through spamming abilities and avoiding damage (i.e. ignoring sustain).


Chaos Bolts: Orendi's primary attack is a rapid fire volley of chaos bolts. Her slower secondary attack fires four bolts simultaneously.

Orendi's basic attack while waiting for ability cooldowns; simple yet effective, especially on trash mobs.

Chaos Magic: Orendi's abilities can be augmented to increase damage, add status effects, or drastically reduce cooldown timers.

This build focuses on the last point, drastically reducing cooldown timers, with a hint of additional status effects early on in the helix.


Nullify: Orendi unleashes a burst of energy, dealing 75-147 damage and propelling her backwards from the blast.

This move helps keep her out of melee while, with proper helix choices, reducing the cooldown of Shadowfire Pillar to improve spammability.

Shadowfire Pillar: After 1.5 seconds, Orendi summons a mighty pillar of shadow and flame at a target location, dealing 208-280 damage.

This is Orendi's bread and butter in this build; not only does it look cool but with proper helix choices can be spammed for maximum carnage.

Paradigm Shift: Orendi conjures an intense blast of energy directly in front of her, dealing 525-750 damage to enemies caught in the blast.

It all started with a big bang; or in this case, probably ended. This ability is aptly named for this build, as it is a change of pace instantaneous big blast (~2-3x stronger) as opposed to consistent pillar spamming.

Gnosis: Activating Nullify lowers the cooldown of Shadowfire Pillar by 8 seconds.

This is a beautiful ability that provides synergy between Nullify and Shadowfire Pillar and helps players figure out some basic combos.


Tier 1

FIRE WALK WITH ME: Nullify's propulsive burst produces a trail of fire on the ground. +150 Damage over 5 seconds
BURNED AND BUSTED: Shadowfire Pillar reveals all stealthed enemies in the area.
Extra damage vs extra vision. How can you say no to +30 DPS after Nullify if the enemy is close enough?

Pick: Fire Walk With Me (unless playing against multiple cloaked Battleborn)

Tier 2

DISMISSED!: Adds a knockback effect to Nullify.
I HATE YOUR PRETTY EYES: Adds a blind effect to Nullify.
How comfortable are you with distance to/from opponents? If you prefer to keep your distance, choose Dismissed!, as Nullify casts will not only get you out of danger, but also push the enemy away as well. Keep in mind, though, you may end up out of attack range with less chance of the enemy being damaged by the fire trail from Tier 1. If you can take the heat, or if you're going to be fighting other Battleborn a lot, go with I Hate Your Pretty Eyes because of the potential to blind the enemy and make it harder for them to hit you regardless of distance. If you picked FWWM from Tier 1, imagine how bad your enemy will feel being blind AND on fire.

Pick: I Hate Your Pretty Eyes (unless you don't like being in the kitchen)

Tier 3

LET'S BOUNCE: Nullify now moves Orendi in the direction she is moving.
OH THAT REMINDS ME: Orendi immediately begins recharging shields after using Nullify.
Gap closing/strafing vs self sustainment. If you picked FWWM from Tier 1, Let's Bounce can get you closer to the enemy and may increase the chances of them running into the fire trail to come after you; it can also help you strafe to avoid damage. If you picked Dismissed! in Tier 2, however, choosing Let's Bounce here only helps with strafing. If your team doesn't have a dedicated healer and you're taking too much damage, you may want to go with Oh That Reminds Me to keep your shields up as often as possible.

Pick: Let's Bounce

Tier 4

PREAMBLE OF PAIN: Shadowfire Pillar deals damage over time to nearby enemies before detonation. +90 Damage over 1.5 seconds
POWER PILLAR: For 5 seconds after using Shadowfire Pillar, Orendi may cast a second Shadowfire Pillar dealing half as much damage.

Pick: Power Pillar

Tier 5

PROGNOSTICATION: Using Nullify now reduces the cooldown of Shadowfire Pillar even more. -12s Cooldown Time
PROGNOSTICOMBO: Activating Shadowfire Pillar reduces Nullify's cooldown. -5s Cooldown Time
Even without seeing Orendi gameplay, base damage values and the existence of Gnosis make it safe to assume Shadowfire Pillar will have a longer cooldown than Nullify. Since the combo of Nullify, Shadowfire Pillar, Shadowfire Pillar (2nd cast/reduced) will see the most use in this build, there's no need to reduce Nullify's cooldown, as it will probably be available after casting the 2 Shadowfire Pillars.

Pick: Prognostication

Tier 6

NIHILISM: Increases Nullify's base damage. +15% Damage
SHADOWFURY: Increases Shadowfire Pillar's base damage. +15% Damage
Hooray for easy helix choices! Based on Tier 5's choices (as well as some common sense math), it's clear that a Shadowfire Pillar damage buff will put out bigger damage numbers.

Pick: Shadowfury

Tier 7

FORCE OF WILL: Increases the damage of all skills. +15% Damage
ESSENCE THEFT: All skills heal Orendi for a portion of the damage dealt. +20% Lifesteal
Extra damage vs self sustainment. Since this build emphasizes spamming and burst damage, Force of Will is where it's at. If sustainment is the name of the game (i.e. most likely in PvP and possibly the harder difficulties of the campaign), then Essence Theft, coupled with Oh That Reminds Me from Tier 3 is a solid choice.

Pick: Force Of Will

Tier 8

RAPID DETERIORATION: Decreases Nullify's cooldown time. -20% Cooldown Reduction
I HATE YOUR PRETTY SHIELDS: Nullify damage penetrates enemy shields. +60% Shield Penetration
Shorter cooldown vs more burst power. For maximum spam potential, gotta reduce the cooldown as much as possible. If facing tough enemies or other Battleborn, though, being able to bypass shields may be more advantageous.

Pick: Rapid Deterioration

Tier 9

SHADOWFIRE STORM: Decreases Shadowfire Pillar's cooldown time. 20% Cooldown Reduction
STILL HATING YOUR SHIELDS: Shadowfire Pillar penetrates enemy shields. +60% Shield Penetration
Shorter cooldown vs more burst power. For maximum spam potential, gotta reduce the cooldown as much as possible. If facing tough enemies or other Battleborn, though, being able to bypass shields may be more advantageous.

Anyone else having deja vu?

Pick: Shadowfire Storm

Tier 10

THOUGHT REJECTION: Adds a knockback effect to Paradigm Shift.
REIGN OF CHAOS: Activating Paradigm Shift instantly resets Shadowfire Pillar's cooldown.
To cooldown or not to cooldown, that is the question. For this particular build, there is no question.

Pick: Reign Of Chaos

Haha, another person inspired by some of my work. I’m feeling de ja vu flattery now :blush:

Nice guide, I was thinking about this one recently after seeing @Jythri’s comment, but I was having difficulties in figuring it out for a couple of reasons that I could see being a problem, that was only fixable with hands on time and experience with Orendi.

The main issue is, this build very seriously focuses on all out Cool-down reduction. However, it is impossible to tell if it does it… too much? If you know what I mean? When looking at cooldown timers, major factors to look at are cast time and something called Global Cooldown timer. A GDC is the timer that is built in, and cannot be avoided. It stops abilities being ‘Spammed’, and by that I mean using multiple of the same ability in the same second. Cast time is also important, as if there is any noticeable cast time, this acts as an innate GDC. You can’t cast another Pillar while you are casting a Pillar, right?

So, things we know. Cast time is 1.5 seconds. This means that getting the CD any lower than that is pointless. We also know this build reduces the cooldown by atleast 28 seconds. Can’t work out any percentage decreases without any solid stats. On top of this, 28 seconds is if you can fit two Nullify’s in, which would add extra seconds and make things even stickier? If we take into account the possible percentage decrease as well, off the top of my head that would mean the cooldown of Shadowfire Pillar would have to be a 35-38 second cooldown or more, otherwise you have too much Cooldown reduction in this build and points are going to waste when they could be used on damage.

Love the build in general, I just don’t think it is possible to decide on Helix points for something like a CDR focus build without more numbers to go on, as you cannot work out where Max CDR is.

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100% agreed on the fact that we need concrete numbers, just wanted to throw something up to get my feet wet in the forums. Would’ve done a Thorn build coz I plan on maining her (I don’t like the kitchen and ADORE archers), but there were already 2 ideas out there that I felt covered the breadth of her gameplay.

Actually started writing this build minutes after @Jythri made his comment, spent almost 2 full days formatting and making decisions. Originally there were PvE (best spam potential) and PvP (more well-rounded with sustain) choices, but followed the whole KISS principle to keep things short. Agreed that it’s worthless to reduce CD further than 1.5 seconds, which is why the PvP build was taking the bypass shield choices in tiers 8 and 9 regardless. Although now that I think of it, if 20% CDR on Shadowfire Pillar is more than 4s, maybe Prognosticombo in Tier 5 would be better and then Shadowfire Storm in Tier 9 would be enough.

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I find it pretty interesting as well to hear and see how much work people put into these things. I am quite lucky and am very good at writing, having done multiple qualifications in English Literature and Language, so for me a guide takes 3-4 hours from start to finish, max. Well done though, really well formatted and thought out. The only tip I would give is be a bit more solid and certain in your choices. While talking about the situational aspect around a choice is good, I felt there was a lack of certainty in a couple of your choices, and creates an odd feeling of confusion and uncertainty in readers.

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Yeah, 2 days is total elapsed time, but there were other interruptions such as my day job (which I’m currently at … don’t tell my boss :wink: ) and spending time with the Mrs, so I’d say it took me about 7-8 hours to get it to where I could hit “Create Topic.” Although like you say, it does still skew a bit confusing in places. Probably because it has remnants of discussion for PvE vs PvP and I didn’t simplify it to just pick one over the other. Also, because it’s very numbers driven and I barely scratched the surface of proper/sufficient number crunching, was going for more speculation than decisions in the end. Will try to update once we get real numbers, coz Orendi just seems way too fun not to be part of the arsenal.

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I won’t tell if you don’t tell :wink:

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hey its gender swap wizardmon

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Fun build! Couple of notes to watch out for:

Blind vs Knockback is one of those very situational choices. In competitive, I would almost always pick Blind here - it’s one of the most effective CC abilities in our game. It’s also the easiest to find or add on a character (and therefore, to stack in coordinated play).

Also - oops. Marketing is going to kill me for insinuating that our Framerate is bad. You guys know that’s a joke, right? RIGHT?


If you’re blind and on fire, how would you even notice the framerate?

" New info leaked about the upcoming Hero-Shooter ‘Battleborn’:
Insiders implied, that the game will probably lag, crash and burn your Graphics Card. Appearantly, also the maximum resolution is 480p.

‘[…]our Framerate is bad.’
-Randy Varnell, Battleborn Creative Director "

Give me the username of the next Creative Director please, so he can answer my questions :smile:

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By the lagging of the death replay ^^

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Plz, everyone knows this game is a 8-bit pixel platformer at heart. The marketing is just THAT bad alongside the fact everyone is craving Overwatch so much that they think it’s a Hero-Shooter clone.

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What’s an Overwatch? Is that a fancy name for Apple’s new case for its wearable device? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No. It’s the name of the USA’s newest “Security” system :smile:


It’s an extremely useful ability that each of your soldiers has so that they will fire on the first enemy that enters their line of sight on the aliens’ turn. Of course some of the alien units can have it too… :frowning:

… whoops, wrong 2K game. :wink:


I dunno if you guys have played enough with the knockback, but I would argue that it’s almost strictly better than the blind in all cases. It works the same as Montana’s knockback, meaning if they hit a wall or their own ally they (and the person they bump) get stunned, giving you a guaranteed shadowpillar.

And on the cooldown issue, I’ve been doing Prognosticombo with 1 Cooldown item perk, once you get all the cooldown in the tree unlocked you can literally just spam this combo, meaning if the enemy team fails to focus you immediately or if they line up for the dream stun and just can’t focus you they all die with minimal opportunity to damage your team/creeps.

The only problem I’ve been seing with the knockback is that it’s impossible to hit anybody with until level 3 with Let’s Bounce, then you simply have to run within like 4-5 yards of them. So basically I just shadow pillar creeps and guarantee the farm until level 3 and then I run around stun combo-ing people the entire game.

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After strictly playing Orendi since CTT, I would like to give the breakdown of my build for her and why. Starting with the first three tiers in her helix, I would agree with @shuttle127. For tier 1, the extra damage on Nullify! Is nice, and unless you have god like prediction abilities, landing Shadow Pillar on an invisible enemy is pretty unlikely. At tier2, although very situational, I prefer the knock back on Nullify! as opposed to the blind solely for the fact you can push enemies into your Shadow Pillar for a guarrunteed hit with it once you get the tier 3 skill. With that said at tier 3, get the Lets Bounce skill. This allows you to use your Nullify! offensively. Yes I know this sounds like a bad idea since Orendi is a low health Mage but as I said earlier, with the knock back from tier 2, you can kill most PvE enemies with a Nullify! / Shadow Pillar combo ( sorry I don’t have much info on PvP since I can never get queues). Here is where I differ from @shuttle127 helix path. I prefer the DoT aspect of tier 4 because it is instant damage once you lay down your Shadow Pillar as opposed to the fact you have to land you Shadow Pillar which agile enemies are easily able to dodge out of which means you are now missing two Shadow Pillars instead of one. At tier 5, I get Prognosticombo for the CDR on Nullify! As I said earlier, I use Nullify! offensively and the more it’s up, the more chance you have to reset Shadow Pillar which in turn resets Nullify! This alone reduces both Nullify!'s and Shadow Pillar’s CD to roughly 6/4 seconds respectively and with timing can keep them around 3/2 second down times roughly. Tier 6 I am still crunching numbers. Either you want the guaranteed damage from Nullify! since it’s easier to land or hope to get the burst damage from Shadow Pillar. Tier 7 just go with the 15% damage increase. With gear you can make up for the lose of life steal. Tier 8 and 9 go with the shield penetration. Why? Because you ignore 60% of an enemy’s shield. That is straight dps. No shield mitigation whether it’s a PvE minion or a PvP opponent. At tier 10, I don’t know which is best. I personally think both choices are horrendously bad. Your ult is a long CD nuke so having the knock back isn’t really that viable and in PvE you are using it on bosses which usually have knock back resistance. The reset on Shadow Pillar is pointless because it’s CD with skill management is roughly 2~3 seconds if you follow this build. After playing Orendi as much as I have, I feel this is the best path for her but I also would like to hear other people’s thoughts on this. As I stated, she is a squishy Mage so using her Nullify! offensively sounds like a bad idea, but if you use her abilities smartly you can kill most things before they hurt you.

Thanks for the feedback guys; the build above is purely theoretical, as thread was created well before CTT started. :smiley:

I struggled with making both PvE and PvP builds and just kinda went with something, question is tweak it or leave it where it is? Builds are a matter of opinion in general, and the point of playing is to figure out what you’re most comfortable with. Since I haven’t actually played Orendi yet (shame on me), I’ll leave it as is for now for a basis for anyone who cares to look at it. More comments are always welcome!

Yeah I was lvl 8, took all the pillar and cooldown choices, got 40% cdr from gear and just ininitely used Q into quick-spam E’s with like 5 fps vs geoffnid and then Q and over and over spam :smiley:
Defense is for the weak

Is not all this under NDA on this thread?