Orendi. Come on in an give an opinion

So its probably just me, but i find the little imp to be a headache everytime i see her.
Im not trying to claim she is OP, considering Orendi is on radio silence unless its gushes of support from her fans, but i just think shes entirely too fast an difficult to hit with the amount of mobility she posesses plus he massive damage output and range on her AOEs (piller is an AOE right? Not sure how exactly to classify it) that everytime i try to get the jump on her i get kited around an take so much damage her tiny health never seems to matter.
And unless im running someone with a strong CC (stuns or tons of slows) i can just never get to her, an shes far to powerful to be ignored on the battlefield.
Does anyone else have difficulties when going against her?
Does any one have good advice on how to take her out easier?
I cld just be bad. That i can accept. But i gotta kno.


She’s scary yes. With skill damage gear, Paradigm Shift does over 1000 damage at level 10, and in concert with Shadowfire can legitimately two-shot many Battleborn. I like fighting her (except in red bar, where I can dodge a Shadowfire and still be hit by it) because of the tension, but she’s definitely the most dangerous. One of the few characters who can absolutely overwhelm Ambra - Orendi does so much damage, the overshield doesn’t even kick in.

Pillar Storm is ridiculous, but we all know that.

She’s not too bad to fight as Mellka. Kinda wish Blade Launcher was anywhere near as impressive as Paradigm Shift, considering these are both equally squishy and bouncy characters, but eh.


Not sure that I have any insight on this, but I do want to chime in and say that she is miraculously one of the few heroes that has always been in a healthy spot. I feel like it could be due to her nature as a cooldown mage, but a good Orendi is both satisfying and aggravating to play against. Honestly, I’d love some tips as well


You pretty much summed it up, hard CC. She’s insanely fast and hits insanely hard, but she can’t take much damage herself before she’s dead. The hard part is hitting her, without a slow or a stun it’s near impossible to lock her down unless you have a tank like Montana who can just lay down overwhelming fire while advancing on her. There aren’t many counters to Orendi, but a great way to fight her is simply to watch her. You can see her animations when she’s winding up SFP and PS, these are the times to dodge and counter-attack. Her cooldowns are short so your window of opportunity is short as well, but if you can catch her on cooldown you can put her down or at least force her to retreat, though aggressive Orendis rarely retreat instead relying on evasion until their skills are off cooldown. You need to fight her tactically, but she’s one of the hardest BB to kill and you can’t leave her alone or she’ll wave clear for days. Certainly not OP but a big threat, she’s the perfect example of a glass cannon in this game.

If you’re looking for a BB to counter her directly, Phoebe is your best bet. The slow off Phasegate will neutralise Orendi’s escape while Phoebe has enough health to tank a combo and still be able to advance and get the job done. If Orendi’s running the knockback on Nullify she’ll still cause you trouble, but if you can force her to Nullify by rushing her you can follow up with Phasegate and make her dead. Combating Orendi is an XP race, she’s usually very quick at leveling because of her wave clear and if she leaves you behind she’ll destroy you, but if you can out-level her or at least keep on par you’ll have a chance. Try playing as Orendi to get a feel for how she plays, you’ll understand how to fight her better when you’re learning how to play her as you’ll know from her perspective what the biggest threats are.


I’ve been playing as an against her yesterday, and I think she is a bit too much. I’ve heard people say she is the most OP char of the game, that I do not agree with but… You can kill everyone by just using two skills.
Nobody ever complains about the fact that late game, you can just keep spamming your skills. Nulify, Shadowfire, nulify, shadowfire ALL THE TIME. I sometimes even forget to use a skill immediately because I’m so surprised that it’s off of cooldown already. XD
I like Orendi, she is almost in a good spot, but in my opinion, her cooldowns shouldn’t be able to get this low and her ult damage needs to be lowered. I don’t agree with any ult that’s THAT easy to hit to deal so much damage. It’s ridiculous.

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Nobody complains, I think, because that is her role, it’s literally all she can do so she has to do it very well.

I’d have to disagree with you there as well. There’s a visual and audio cue before PS, that’s time enough to strafe out of LoS or find cover, if you catch on to it that is, which I’ll admit can be difficult during battle with all the visual pollution and sound effects. Not only that but it has a straight trajectory, the range is absurd but the radius is rather small, until you get Pillarstorm it’s just as easy to miss with PS as it is to hit, activate too early or too late and you’ve wasted an ult and if you don’t kill with it you leave yourself vulnerable, sometimes you have to reposition and put yourself in danger just to use it, in those cases a miss can mean vulnerability and a death. Orendi’s high-rish-high-reward, but the reward is very high if you do it right.


She is HILARIOUSLY squishy though. Don’t know the exact number s but I think she has around 800 health at level 1, and she also has a huge crit spot (her entire head and most of her hat). If your aim is good enough to train on her when she’s bouncing around, Whiskey Foxtrot, Ghalt, Caldarius or Thorn are good counters for her.

Edit: Also she’s ridiculously vulnerable when she’s silenced, as she can’t cast any skills and her basic attack doesn’t do much. Rath can easily destroy her with Cataclysmic smash ensuring she can’t escape.


830, which, after Benedict’s and Kleese’s health buff, I think is the lowest base health in the game? I could be wrong, it’s been a while since I played, but yeah she’s got virtually no defense other than to bounce around and be hard to hit while spamming skills to deter attackers from approaching.


I think just about everything that needs to be said about Orendi and how to counter her has already been said on this thread (good work @Slif_One and @nbrownlie237, you beat me to it)

One bit of advice about her Ult is if you see that Orendi isn’t firing her shadow bullets then you should run for cover. With all of the chaos going on, you might not hear the sound of it winding up. That said, the only time she isn’t firing her shadow bullets is the very brief moment before a SFP is created and when she is using her Ult. So if she isn’t firing that’s your warning to get in cover or interrupt it. Characters like Rath, Atticus or S&A are really good about interrupting her Ult.


Honestly you hit it on the head at one point here. It’s the aggressive orendis that dodge every shot I throw at them that are a nuisance

Meh, the ult ain’t so bad. It has a decent wind-up time and honestly doesn’t have the best range

Im also a melee main, so thats also a cause of my problems with her. The only ranged character i play is Ambra.
Altho i am branching into the others now so maybe my time against orendi will fair better going forward.
I also use Attikus ALOT, so thats also a probable cause to my grief with her lolz.
Thanks everybody so much, i do feel a tad better now.

Played a match yesterday with Marquis. Her ult one shot me. From across the map. Sigh, if only I had a silence

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Lol. Wether or not orendi is balanced is entirely based off of what a glass cannon is supposed to do in gearboxes eyes. And while orendi has not received a tweak in the next patch she has basically been pseudo buffed to be one of the best characters in the game

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Soon you’ll hear callouts louder over the entire field so it won’t be as bad

Give it a day or two (EL DRAGÕÕõõõn)

She did lose her double Prognosticombo cooldown, which hurt one of my builds but not much in the end (I used Firmware update, two pieces of secondary cooldown, and prognosticombo with Encore to literally never have all of my skills off cooldown. It was admittedly broken.)

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True but that wasn’t supposed to happen anyway. Clearly a bug. And I could count the number of times on one if ny hands that I could confirm that a player took encore over preamble. And frankly imo preamble is just kind of better


Kelvin destroys her, thing is kelvin is then destroyed by any ranged carry in the game.

Also I’ll let you in on a secret: she has always been S tier LOL.

Phoebe, Gali, Rath, montana are all fine vs her. The main problem with this character is every single one of them do the power leveling build which makes them 3-4 levels above everyone in the game. Which is stupidly hard to come back from and leads to her straight dunking everyone on the team. So she’s level 10 when everyone is level 7 and she rips off pillar storm and kills the entire team.


Exactly this. Actually her and OM have always been pretty balanced from day 1.
She’s mobile and super squishy. Her pillars require correct placement due to the fire delay. Her ult requires you aim correctly and the wind up feels like forever. It’s so easy to stun/silence her out of it. And her basic attack also requires you aim. (unless you get the homing shot helix in which case it’s not always perfect and can screw you on easy crits to thralls.)
Plus she really doesn’t shine until late game. If you can keep her from leveling she doesn’t do much. If she does hit 10 and you don’t have anyone on your team that knows how to counter her then enjoy the PS’s and her racking in 60 or 70 minion kills.

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