Orendi discussion

So. Now we have a name to her. But there are still some questions.

Like what faction does she belong to? Magic points to Eldrid, but Eldrid have no shields. In her gameplay, Orendi does have a shield. Exception to the rule? Part of the Rogues? What?

The two dudes on the image said that Ashly Burch is doing the voice of Orendi.

Quote press release

Best described as a chaos witch, Orendi uses her chaos magic to bring unpredictable results to battle and to her enemies.

Character description of the Hands-on impressions

Feared even by members of her own faction, the unhinged and unpredictable Orendi channels powerful magic-like energies, striving to test herself against the universe’s greatest foes. She has more than earned the title “Chaos Witch.”

My first presumption was that Orendi was part of the Eldid because those are the magic wielders. You got a good point of Orendi having a shield and yes this can be a exception to the rule. As a chaos witch she could have a natural energy shield.

The Red color is also something we see often by the Jennerit Empire
Covering up the face is something i presume roque do

test herself against the universe’s greatest foes

This doesn’t sound Eldrid as they are the nature loving types.

Excellent analysis as always! Note, I’m not confirming or denying anything :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

On a related note, I love the part 1 of this video because it appeared that the guy on the left was super skeptical about Battleborn going into the video. He seemed a bit put off in the beginning saying things like, oh right this is just like Borderlands. But as time wore on, he was falling in love with one character after another, the boss abilities, and etc. It was inspiring to see and hear the transition!


Orendi is a Rogue. :slight_smile:

Brings up a great point -
Factions certainly have some unifying characteristics - Eldrid use a lot of magic, LLC is all about the monies, etc. But those aren’t always absolute rules. They are more unified by philosophies rather than hard characteristics. Even our color / styling is somtimes not perfectly identifying (as you guys point out here with Orendi).

I like to think of our factions more like the five colors used in Magic:the Gathering. When someone plays Green, you’re pretty sure you’re going to get big creatures and a lot of buff-type growth. When someone plays Black, you’re pretty sure you’re going to see undead and necrotic types of damage and lifestealing. Though, Black has some huge creatures, and Green can delve into poison or similar oddities normally associated with Black. More of an exception to the rule rather than absolutes, but it’s there. Not being absolutely restrictive actually allows you to pursue breadth in gameplay customization rather than narrowly focused restrictions. I prefer that.


now you tell us… i have been analysing everything i could find about her yesterday. Looking at the character design. going over the design in the ability icons, some color pallets match, like Rath & Caldarius. But Boldur’s ability icons don’t really match with Miko’s while their both Eldrid. Today at work this still got me thinking, i just got back home and you just tell us… AAAAGHHH!!!

btw. I came to the same conclusion today, that the characters don’t have to look the same or be from the same ‘fantasy’ setting. They joined a faction because of what they believe or stand for.

But thanks @Jythri for giving the answer, now my mind can be at peace… oh No wait i still have some more footage to analysis…doh…

Interesting note on the icons. I believe right now, the icons are more unique to the character, rather than the faction, as are the ability names.

I love to watch your speculation, though MentalMars! Maybe because I’m a bit sadistic. But mostly, becuase it’s awesome to see how the first impressions goes on the characters. We’re listening carefully, and in fact, do make changes some times based on what we hear.

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Another Gameplay video from GhostRobo


Loved the video :blush: but there is something I don’t understand about the cooldowns there.

So, unless I’m mistaken, Orendi has a passive called Gnosis that reduces Shadow Pillar cd by 8 seconds after casting Nullify and then later in the tree (lvl 5 I think) you can “fortify” this passive so the reduction is 12 seconds.

But then in the video, and that’s before getting to that bonus cd reduction, whenever the player activates Shadow Pillar the cd starts at 9 seconds on the screen (so I guess it’s more like 10).
Or would it be because the 1.5s cast time is included ?
But even then though, since (I guess) you can’t cast Nullify before the end of the cast time of Shadow Pillar, I don’t see the point of going from a 8 seconds cd reduction to a 12 seconds on what is already 9-10 seconds remaining…

Or is there anything I didn’t understand in the first place ?

Orendi is so badass she can insert herself between 2 Gearbox Tweets about Golden keys for Borderlands :blush: :

The character that woke my interest in this game again since the others we know didn’t give me that ‘wow!’ factor. Not saying that they aren’t great though.

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The cooldown reduction increases, so the cooldown decreases. Your leftover cd would be lowered by 4 more seconds, making it 5-6 seconds.
You mixed it up at CD and CDR ^^

No no, I didn’t mix it up :blush: !

The player starts with 8s CDR (Gnosis) and the first CD we see is 9-10s in the video before picking up the skill giving 12s CDR (4s more CDR), meaning 12s CDR is pointless on a skill that shows 9-10s CD as base CD. And in the video the 9s CD is before using Nullify while Shadow Pillar would be on CD.

Example at 0:45 in the video he casts Nullify first while Shadow Pillar isn’t on CD, since he’s showing the abilities for the first time, then when he casts Shadow Pillar it shows 9s remaining, which thus means to me it is base CD.

Then if you forward the video to 2:50 you’ll see he casts Shadow Pillar at 2:55, followed by Power Pillar (ability to cast a second one in a window of 5s) showing 9s CD and right after that Nullify which instantly resets the CD.

It’s interresting at 6:25 also, he casts Shadow Pillar and the CD shows 9s, then 8s, then 7s, then he casts Power Pillar and the CD goes back to 9s. When the CD reaches 5s he casts Nullify and this resets the CD, then he dies. And it’s then, during his respawn at 6:50 that he takes the lvl 5 ability, prognostication, to have the CDR be 12s instead of 8s.

There may be something else I missed but I didn’t mix up CD and CDR in my previous post.

I’ll watch it again to find the stone that we tripped over. But I 'm absolutely sure that it works like i said.

It does work like you said. I’ve never said the contrary.
I’m only saying that I’m understanding the same thing as you with CDs and CDRs, and not mixing things up as you previously thought :blush: !

So far in my 2 posts :

  • Gnosis base = Shadow Pillar CDR of 8s after casting Nullify
  • Prognostication = Shadow Pillar CDR of 12s after casting Nullify
  • Problem is base CD of Shadow Pillar looks to be 9-10s so a CDR of 12s over a 9-10s base CD is “weird”

Hmmmm so Orendi got saved from LLC by Reyna… Hmmm…

Those snotty LLC…


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Maybe ironic that I like both the LLC and Rogues then?

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I am definitely playing as this character cause she is the one that interest me the most cause I saw her gameplay and was amazed by how awesome she was. Can’t wait to get this game :smiley:

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Uh oh! BUSTED!

So, heh…have I mentioned “game isn’t final yet”? Yeah. Well…

What you’ve cleverly discovered (and I’m quite impressed!) is some tweaks we made to the convention demo to spice up the game a bit. One of those is a global reduction to the cooldown of all skills on all characters, to let people who have limited time on the convention floor get to try them out a LOT more. That’s one of the factors that has made the game seem fairly easy to most serious gamers who have played.

While the final numbers may still go either way for release, it’s safe to say that balance between Gnosis and Prognositcation will be tweaked so that they are relevant changes to the overall effect.

The intent with Prognositcaion is to play into a loop where you’re almost spamming shadow pillars, especially when you couple it with a few other choices.

Right now, I call this combo: “The Framerate Killer”. :slight_smile: We still have some tuning to do!


OK… The PC Gamer Preview said that they experienced a constant loop of using your special abilities.So there will be less spamming in the final build. What i remember from my gamescom play session is that with Caldarius i was leaning on those abilities and could use at least one ability per encounter. So in the final game i’ll need to be more picky on using those abilities and go more for the hit-n-run gameplay.

Also will this global cooldown reduction be part of the difficulty settings ?
Easy = more cooldown reduction
Hard = no cooldown reduction

/try to hide almost-but-not-really-self-contained sense of pride :blush: !
Ha ha you make me feel like a kid that uncovers the astounding truth by catching his parents when they’re hiding X-mas presents.

So hmmm I “may” have played MMOs a lot and raiding tons in several of them.
Then again when I see all the analysis in the Borderlands class 1, 2 & TPS forums and when I think all these guys will finally come here and dissect your game…
Well let’s just say I wish you to sleep enough and have strong coffee in the morning, for when you get us into the Beta : "War is coming !" :laughing: !

Anyway, in the end : relief ! We have an explanation about those weird CDs and CDRs calculuses.
Looks like (?) it’ll be in the 15s-18s range for base CD, 15s being possible total shadowpillar spam madness with the relevant Helix choices.

Oh dear…

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