Orendi Helix Feedback

All characters have some Helix options better than others, and many have some that are completely useless. These are Orendi’s.
Even in a game against an oscar mike and S+A, this is a bad Helix. Not only are stealth people already pretty easy to see, but many things make them easier to see, and it has 0 use in PvE.
Instead, how about her basic attacks reveal? She does shoot with her EYES. Or a different Nullify helix, maybe cause nullify to dispel enemies, removing buffs on them.

A trade off helix, which is inherently bad. Most Helix’s are flat out upgrades, so most trade-off helix’s are worse. I can see why some people might take this one but you wont get better at Orendi by taking this.
Instead, just reduce the delay before the blast by half? Easier to land but you’re hurting your damage by not picking the others.

Nihilism, ugh. Taking this accidentally is the worst. Nullify is NOT a damage skill! There is NEVER a reason to take this over your dedicated nuke.
Instead, could make Nullify slow target, since she lacks the ability to slow and helps as an escape.

Thats all for Orendi!

I’ve noticed this with Orendi to, since I pretty much only play her.
Even In Multiplayer against cloaked enemies, I see no reason to ever use that skill.
It’s a waste of a shadow pillar Just to uncloak someone, I don’t even know the range of it.
In 50 hours of gameplay where I got a lvl 15 Orendi and all Lore challenges done, I don’t think i’ve ever used that skill.

Instant Gratification is worse than you’re letting on btw, cause the Other helix skill is one that deals 180 damage within or slightly Outside the fire pillar radius in the time before the actual pillar comes. (as compared to the 150 damage you’d do with Instant Gratification with the full pillar)
so realistically I can NEVER see a reason to get Instant Gratification.
Skill needs a Buff, though in my opinion even an instant fire pillar with no damage reduction wouldn’t be as good as the other Helix skill.
Cause lets be real here, you’re adding 180 damage to fire pillar with the other skill, and 180 damage that happens BEFORE the pillar is launched.
So basically you’re shadow pillar can deal a base of 480 OR to minus 2 seconds from delay and 150 base damage…

Also agree on the Nihilism, Nullify isn’t a damage move its a technical/utility move.
It’s for either escaping a tight situation, using to get some fire pillar cool down, or blind enemies for a second.
Thought to be fair in my 50 hours of Gameplay I did kill One Oscar Mike with Nullify lol…
I didnt even see him he just rounded a corner towards me as I Nullified away.

Also I’d like to add all of orendi’s mutation skills are garbage, maybe with the exception of the homing secondary fire skill, but between that skill and Nullify starts recharging shields I’m not going to pick a skill that boosts a secondary fire I never use.

I killed a Benedict with it :smiley: i was flying home on Paradise and i lept off the middle platform and nullified him in the air screaming “SHOW ME THEM GUTS FELLA!”

Pillarstorm is life, its not garbage at all its so broken :smiley: i dont like homing fire, since its still weaker than main i like shields on nullify.

ooooh Right I forgot about Stormpillar >w<
Luz that, specially since orendi’s other teir 10 helix options are garbage.
Before I got the StormPillar mutation I was just going with the “get rid of pillar cool down” skill, which is kinda worthless
"Oh hey you can use your ultimate once every 60 seconds of cool down to get rid of the cool down on this skill you’re probably using every 5 seconds because of a million cool down synergies"
And whats the other 10th tier option?..adding Knockback on your ultimate…

But I really wish Storm Pillar was usable in non multiplayer settings.
Maybe just instead of only players “Major Enemies And Players” like a lot of gears have specified for StormPillar.

StormPillar is actually what I try to use when striving for that double kill award >~>

But yeah, i took that homing secondary fire thing and jumped into some campaign missions to get the lore challenge for dealing damage with the secondary fire.
And besides that?
Never again owo

Honestly I think Orendi has a lot of skills that’d be garbage to any playstyle o3o
She can be played in different ways but some skills are just so bad i dont see anyone using them

Orendi Dialogue is always win owo…
For some reason I’m partial to “Yah Screwed Up Orendi, But This Is Yah Second Chance”

I love Orendi’s play style, very damage heavy, speedy, the perfect hit and run character.
Possibly due to the fact that chaos magic is so chaotic, everyone scrambles when a giant pillar explodes and suddenly an Orendi that was 2 inchest infront of you rockets backwards and you’re blind =w=

knockback and blind! DOUBLE BLIND! Or triple pillar, its all about dat burst.
"Ya’ll play defense. I will kill EVERYONE."
Definitely the most burst but the least CC and most squish, such a big trade.

“HA, I’ve Gone MONTHS Without Eyes.” >w>

Yeah, Orendi is a big trade off with the risk of low hp and terrible stuns that destroy you owo
Rath is Orendi’s biggest problem in my opinion.
Though maybe everyone has issues with Rath lol, given his current OP-ness.

Buuuuut, Orendi is still besht =w=
It feels good to speed into enemy territory and take out a tank mode isic Dominating everyone else without any help as Orendi >~>…
Which I’ve done owo…
More than once surprisingly

“give me your robot soul!” :smiley:

Well i was planning on making one for every battleborn i master

"Traitorous LEGS! We’ll Discuss This Later!"