Orendi is Love, Orendi is Life (Actually quite SFW)

I was only 16 years old.

I loved Orendi so much, I had bought the figurine and gotten all the skins.

I pray to her every night, to thank her for the glorious character she is.

“Orendi is love,” I say, “Orendi is life.”

My dad hears me, and calls me a weeaboo.

I know he’s just jealous of my devotion.

I call him a bitch.

He spanks me and sends me to my room.

I’m crying now, and my ass hurts.

I lay in bed, and it’s mysteriously hot.

Shadowy fire appears below me.

I feel it’s heat.

It’s Orendi.

I am so happy.

She whispers into my ear ‘These are my intestines.’

She pushes me back with Nullify, onto my back.

My body was ready.

I spread my back for Orendi.

She summons another pillar.

It hurts so much, but I do it for her.

I can feel my insides boiling as my eyes water.

I stay in one spot.

I want to please Orendi.

She laughs a crazy laugh as I become deded.

My dad walks in.

Orendi looks him straight in the eye and says. “Oh no… HA, jokes.”

She jumps out the window.

Orendi is love, Orendi is life.




I have…one question

How the f**k did you get the figurine early? 'cause I want it.

This takes place after release.

Hopefully you get the orendi figurine because they are all in random blind boxes :frowning:

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I’ not getting a physical copy.

I’ll probably just buy one off Amazon, when I have the money.

I love her the most too! Played her exclusively in the Beta (lv.15) and look so forward to raid Solus with her^^

Made a Orendi-pendant, maybe you like it :heart:
-> Battleborn Fancraft <3 Update: New Stuff 4.19.2017

Gearbox, I want to make a formal request to have you hire this man to create merchandise for Battleborn.

Seriously, I’d buy most of these things. If I had the money that is.

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Nawwwwwwwwwwww you´re so kind! /;o;/
I´d so drop everything else to work for Gearbox - I hope to be good enough oneday :heart:

More Battleborn Crafts made by yours truly are coming soon! Shards `n Hats and stuff!