Orendi Lore and PS4 Trophy Bug

I have completed all of Orendi’s Lore Challenges. Upon having all lore unlocked, I never received any of the rewards for completing said challenges. I have already tried submitting a ticket and quite honestly this Anthony V guy from ticket support is pretty ignorant and not even the slightest bit helpful. I’m being asked for the same information that I have already sent to him twice now with all proper screen shots and documentation needed for the issue.

  • Lore career challenge name: Love and Fire, Death and Kisses

  • Rewards I was supposed to receive for Orendi: The “BRAINS” skin, Variable Morpher, Master of Orendi Title, and Love and Fire, Death and Kisses PS4 Trophy. (Obviously without the challenge of Love and Fire, Death and Kisses I cannot receive completion of Master of Orendi which I should have if this issue hadn’t occured)

Same issue on xb1 for myself. It seems to be a problem on both consoles and it doesn’t seem to be character specific.
A friend reported the same after completing OM lore chal. with no legendary reward.

I have the same issue with Caldarius. 4/5 on the challenge tab in command, but all 5 are unlocked on the character lore screen.

I bothers me WAY more than it probably should, like I have a hard time playing the game because I dwell on it.

I was really hoping it would be resolved in the patch today, but it wasn’t I even uninstalled the game and deleted all saved data to see if the issue was on my end, but after I reinstalled it the problem is still there.

Got same problem with Orendi. Any solutions?

Of course there isn’t any solutions. I still don’t even have my trophy bug fixed. They’re too focused on little fixes and people complaining about character balance in pvp rather than fixing game breaking issues that’s going to have players quit playing like myself due to trophies not being unlocked and fixed after meeting the requirements for them. Let alone I have yet to see any dev talk about any updates or even acknowledging these pertaining issues.