Orendi Lore Bug?

Am I the only one who can’t compete Orendis Lore challenge ‘That’s a very nice Hat Trick’? I am stuck at 3/10. I tired it during story, Incursion and Meltdown missions and even counted to see if I wasn’t getting enough but I was way above 50
Is there a way to fix this or am I doing something wrong?

I’m at 5/10 and have done 5 matches with her…just realized I have all other lore too so I might grind that out.

Are you sure you are using it enough?

Yeah counted the last matches. It’s just casting my r1 isn’t it?

Well it was my third Lore challange that I unlocked, so at least on XB1 theres no bug.

PS: Its easier to do it in PvE-missions, because they last longer (about 20-40min) and you´ve more infight situations to use her skills :heart:

Yup, and as ganjmara says pve is the way to go. Also get the helix for double pillar. That way you cast 2 per.

Just to be 100% sure, why don’t you start a mission solo, level until you get encore (both times count towards 50), and then just spam it enough times and lose or complete the mission. That way, you’d have a controlled environment in which to count, and if it doesn’t work, video proof that it’s definitely 50 times, and definitely not working. For what it’s worth, I’m on PS4, and I finished it in my first ten matches.

I know I counted way over 70 times in both pve and pvp. I don’t know what’s wrong with that challenge for me

I also have the same bug as you, I can use the 200 challenges does not release . it would be nice gearbox that gives us an answer quickly (I’m 20 legend and probably the first to drop the platine if it unlocks that).

I just found that on PC, at least, that turning the Ability Activation back to STANDARD from INSTANT under Settings > Gameplay is a work-around fix for this. Maybe try this on PS4 and report back? - [SOLVED] Orendi Lore Challenge Nice Hat Trick Not Progressing

You my dear sir are an absolute hero! thanks dude

Happy to help!

I’d be curious as to what other Ability based Lore Challenges are affected by this, whether QUICK has this problem as well or if it’s only INSTANT, and if changing this setting mid-mission or mid-match causes the counter to start or stop.

Unfortunately I’ve already completed this Lore Challenge on Orendi myself, so I’m looking to the Community here to test. =)

Match challenges are only supposed to work in PVP. Orendi’s one is bugged, thus it also sometimes work in PVE (at least worked for me), but it’s not supposed to. Thus my solution is trying PVP.

Not really. Matches are both PvP and PvE. To do about 80ish multiplayer matches just for character ally lore would be the biggest mistake Gearbox could make. Imagine having to spend 2 and a half hours (matches usually last around half an hour let’s say) just to complete one character lore, instead of 10 minutes if you do the Sabotage hardcore jump.

Back on topic, I’m glad you got it to work OP

I can verify it is only instant that seems to have this problem. did my 50 10 times on quick