Orendi my wish list

(calling her normal RT Choas Bolts and her secondary LT “all fours chaos bolts at once” Choas Blast)

I absolutely adore her I think that she’s pretty amazing I haven’t really ever played someone that was based-off of how well you link abilities to do more abilities, she does great damage amazing wave clear and awesome escape that can be used to bait and kill “cloakers” and melee BattleBorns. I a perfect dream though if I was given a wish list this would be it.

  • pillar stuns or roots players if she lands it and the gates encircle them( in broken code speech have the stun only go off if they are in the center of the ability when the damage goes off), just for that (I am THE SH*T timing trap) and to link it into the ultimate for a BOOM moment kill to offset this you can have it be a helix upgrade that lowers base dmg of the tower unless stun is hit, or have it have a longer cooldown.

  • if I wasn’t getting the stun or you just wanted to make me very very happy have her secondary attack Choas Blast ,if landed ,slow the target for two seconds on first hit but can’t slow again like this every 8 seconds, and or if when Orendi lands Choas Blast the next ability will do more damage , take on a secondary affect, or add cooldown to what ever ability used and landed on the aflected enemy. I really like the shift in attack rates but and I love the visual look of it, it just seems to fit but it doesn’t have a purpose and though feels and looks good goes used it feels awesome juggleing abilities with her so why not more!!

All and all though great job

I think I have seen the Secondary give a little knockback - to the small robots anyway. I remember in the CTT it was widely agreed that there was no point in ever using it but if my observations are correct they have gone some way to correct that.

It’s a little bit risk-reward where it’s more difficult to land some damage but if it connects the damage is great and you get the small bonus of the knockback which would be a respectable advantage is it affects players (harder to aim attacks back at you).

Does anyone ever use her secondary attack?

I tried the helix option to have them track players in close range…but it was just meh. Also, I think that option went against the shield recharge on nullify which I found far, far, far more useful.

If they automatically made it track, and then gave a helix option to put some sort of CC (Blind or Slow) or something that might be better. I’d rather they just gave ADS if they aren’t going to make it any better.

I haven’t tried Mind Bullets (homing secondary) because I love Just Bounce (control direction of nullify).

As I said, I think secondary has knockback now which makes it useful. The buffs you are suggesting would tip the balance too far the other way and everyone would be saying “Does anyone ever use her secondary attack?” instead.

AFAIK The DPS of the two attacks is identical assuming you land all your shots. The difference is you can “spray-and-pray” with the primary whereas the secondary carries a heavier punishment for inaccuracy. A small buff such as the knockback they may well have already added is all that is needed to make the secondary viable.

At the end of the day Orendi is all about the shadow fire pillar, and her basic attacks become a bit secondary, but it just seems to me as if her secondary attack has very little going for it, which is why I would rather have ADS than what she currently has.

So question for you.

When you’re playing Orendi…what was your % breakdown of primary/secondary attacks?

The first couple of matches it was probably 80% primary/20% secondary. All the other matches after that it was 100% primary.

Just curious as to what your breakdown was.

Also should mention, that I love her, and not having a secondary attack doesn’t mean much, but it would just be nice to have some sort of utility for that button push.

In the CTT I exclusively used the Primary. This beta I made an effort to use the Secondary for the sake of the lore challenge. Was probably like 30/70. I used primary on the faster moving enemies but otherwise the secondary which seemed to push enemies back a little when all four projectiles struck.

I wouldn’t agree. Orendi has the rare ability to attack while moving at full speed - to not take advantage of that is to not take full potential. Shadowfire Pillars are great against crowds of environmental enemies but are quite easily dodged by players. A significiant portion of Orendi’s DPS sure but my first priority for Orendi gear would have to be attack speed - not cooldown reduction or skill damage.