Orendi Playstyle and Tactics

Hi all. Gotta say I like using this little monster. Great call outs, and very mobile. I use hit and run, lots of cover grabs when shields get low. Once you can get the health regen via attack it gets a bit easier.

Whaddya think? LEmme hear some of your playstyles!

Lots of Shadowfire Pillars, when you gett deeper into her helix she allows for that frantic playstyle I absolutely love.
Nevermind the fact that the correct build allows you to make Shadowfire Pillar the main attack.
Still, absolutely love Orendi.

After having played for a few rounds in the story. I gotta agree there(especially on the Pillars), way she plays is stupid crazy good. It’s oddly refreshing really

Orendi is bae :hearts: Already have her up to Rank 13, beat all her lore challenges and grinding to get “Master of Orendi” and the Black/Purple skin (forgot the name lol) :grin:

My current build for her focuses around Cooldown Reduction. All my Helix skills are selected to help cool the other abilities down to allow for constant skill usage and damage output. In order to support this, my gear loadouts are increased Movement Speed pieces, Shield Recharge pieces, and her Legendary which grants higher skill damage as well as a 30% damage increase on her Shadowfire Pillar if the previous Pillar does no damage. As a result (and despite what some people probably think regarding her), I’m usually the first one into a fight on my team, rushing in to damage minions and other Battleborn immediately and forcing enemies to adjust to my presence. When my shield breaks while in an engagement, I use my “Oh, That Reminds Me” skill to propel away from an enemy while it immediately begins recharging my shield. Then, thanks to the abilities cooling each other down and in combination with skills like Power Pillar, I usually immediately re-engage, providing my team with an unrelenting attacker that deals massive amounts of damage in short bursts.

All in all, my playstyle with Orendi is centered around being the first to start a fight and then near-instantly ending it. :smirk:

Shadow, shadow, shadow, shadow.
Fire, fire, fire, fire!

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That augment that adds a Blind effect to the LB move (I forget the name) is stupidly OP, if you’re talking about playing Orendi in PvP.

If you get hit by it, your screen goes completely white for something like three seconds, which is a ridiculous amount of time for any crowd-control effect, and that means Orendi can easily finish you off unless you have some kind of panic-button defensive ability to rely on.

In other words, enjoy it before the eventual nerf. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s quite the exaggeration. It’s only one second. It even says so. It’s not that bad.

Oh, you mean like how Shadowfire Pillar “only” does 208 - 280 damage?

If Blind is only supposed to last 1 second then it’s currently bugged or there’s some way to stack the effect.

Damage works differently. I personally have never been hit by an Orendi blind that lasted more than 1 second.

Might want to double check the in game tool tip on that one. Last I checked it was somewhere in the 300 to 400 range. The tool tips on the website are inaccurate.

Okay so she’s the only character I use right now (I prefer to max out one character before I move to another) but it seems like such a struggle to actually do any damage with her

Her fire pillar seems to be the only way to hurt anyone but its so slow to come out and long to reload that half the time in trying (in vain) to kill with her hand blasts. I try to stick to support artillery but because this is a run and gun its hard to actually be tactical so I always wind up with people right in my face and then I really have no way of fighting back it seems.

Nullify is largely pointless because you are still being shot while pushing/ jumping back, and one second blindness doesn’t matter.

Her ultimate never actually hits anything (seriously I can’t figure that hit box out at all) and even then it takes like 3 seconds to cast so she’s dead before it even comes out

So that just leaves her fire pillar. Which is slow and predictable. And takes forever to reload. The only ways to mitigate those downsides also reduce its actual damage so no point there.

I’ve tried to do different builds such as cool down/shield penetration/debuffs, but none of it seems to make ANY difference.

So all I’ve been doing is the mutation so secondary fire homes in and relying solely on that while ccassionally throwing out fire pillar.

So…tips please?

Check out my thread about playing Orendi.

Maybe she just isn’t meant for you. It happens. As for nullify the blind is situational, I most of the time prefer the push from nullify. Another thing is do you pick two pillars or the dot before the hit. As well as how you aim it. Some times I put it behind them as they back peddle and they unknowingly walk right into it.

I used to always do the dot but I’m trying double pillars in PvP lately.

I always do push to give myself room and throw off their aim.

As for leading I do it to the side as they are strafing so they keep running into it.

I’ve regeared and doing fine with the pillar its just that she’s aoe support at best but kinda sucks in a direct confrontation because her other three attacks don’t really match up well so its JUST the pillar.

Doesn’t help that I keep running into the op characters or Rather lol. Others I can knock back with nullify then pillar at my feet and backpedal then they chase me get burned and run BC their health is too low.

So I suppose a more accurate gripe is I never get the actual killing blow on enemy players. I just blow up minions and scare off players.

I don’t mind a slight buff, but I think Orendi is top notch. I’ve killed with every attack she has and against every hero 1v1. She is definatly not a support character.

Pillar -> Nullify - > Pillar, retreat, shooting all the time.
Remember that secondary attack (all hands at once) is better against slow-moving characters like ISIC or Montana, and good against aimers like Marquis or Mike, especially if you’ve ever been any good at Instagib.

Level up a few times, then options.
Nullify as a blinder is awesome to disrupt enemy attacks setting up kills for teammates and/or even more pillars. Nullify as a kicker is awesome for managing threat on Meltdown due to the proximity bonuses.
Doubling pillars was always my pick because if you then invest in cooldown reducers you can literally use only Nullify and Pillar pausing only when everyone is dead or to set off the ultimate.

Helix Mutation for homing attacks (Lv3) is a godsend if you’re not investing in making Pillars your primary attack, as it means alt-fire is now it - it homes well, does impressive damage and woks well towards sowing even more panic ans chaos and not seeing anything among enemy players. Awesomes.

And then whoosh, lifesteal on top of all that.

I love her helix as I feel it is the most diverse depending on team and enemies. Oh there’s a healer 15% damage it is. Etc.