Orendi power, what do you think?

Hi guys, Orendi is my favourite character to play, she’s funny and has 4 arms o.0. I go heavy with her E speccing to benefit that. I feel she is quite weak in the HP department though, and can get cornered by melee quite easily, 1v1 and you’re not gonna come out winning. Even vs Thorn is a challenge. I think her F has received a boost since the beta though. What do you guys think?

Orendi is OP

I like her

Super good against minions!

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I like playing as her especially being able to just constantly unload my skills on anything within range. I do feel like she could use some help. Either give Nullify push back and blind as stock and make the second helix options slow or wound/silence or give her mêlée more push back or speed.

sais enough I think


You recked as Orendi yesterday. XD
That YaCantDutchThis person seems really good too… :innocent:

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Absolutely haha great support work there

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Awesome stats there, if you have or are able to record your gameplay i’d like to watch, thanks


Just mastered Orendi. Awesome character. She is only as good as the team you are playing on but I have lots of fun annoying the opposition.

Best game with her so far is 55 score, 17 kills, 1 death, 21 assists, 86 minion, 167,180 damage.

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Shes a glass cannon and I love using her. I got Worthy of Song title with her 2 weeks ago and during beta.

I agree. I started with Orendi and she’s a good character with awesome aoe potential. But after playing several of the other characters, she feels really one-note. One thing that really bothers me is her secondary attack. All 4 arms fire at once, but at a slower rate. What’s the point? Doesn’t the damage average out? Other than using the helix option that makes the bolts hone in on the target, why even use it?

I’d like to see some sort of minor effect applied to that secondary attack to justify it’s use. Like a 1 or 2 second slow on the target, or a buff to Orendi’s jumping height, or something to make it interesting.

The mind bullets mutation does help her secondary significantly. You are better able to handle slippery characters. Also, when you unlock pillarstorm, she can be a late game nightmare.

I like her for mobbing tbh. Cleans trash mobs in an second.

Don’t buff, nerf, or rework her! She’s awesome as is. And she can literally 1v1 anyone with enough skill. Just be a tiny spider money.

I think some of her helix could use some tweaks, particularly her mutations which feel really underwhelming, with the exception of her level 5 and maybe her level 10, if they could just make it work in pve

love playing her.

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Orendi needs to be nerf’d fast.

No. She’s fine.

Orendi is the only character that scares me to go up against. That ultimate is deadly even on the hands of a newcomer. She is one of my 6 main characters and I gotta say that when I wipe the entire team of 5 members with one shot (Ultimate) , it completely turns the tables around in our favor. It is very satisfying to see and it never gets old.