Orendi Sculpt WIP (Zbrush) -Updated

just a quick and dirty render on an Orendi look from the concept page (top right)
Still a lot of detailing work to do but lookin good so far. belts and cloths are there as placeholder

UPDATE 11/22/16

Found time to finish the low poly
damn, just realized I gotta make the accessories like spike bracers


I think that she has less fingers on one of her sets of hands. Just helping with details.

These are fantastic

Looks good so far - finished product should be great!

Reeeeeally good

Updated with low poly

Remember the fingers, she has less of them on one set of hands.

I’m seeing 5 on each set of hands in the top right concept
I know she has 3 on top and 4 on bottom in the game model though, is that what your referencing?

Yes. I made a comment about it earlier

Thanks for the comment but I’m sticking creating the top right concept, not the in game model