Orendi speculations (Topic answered)


I would guess she was a human that was mutated by chaos but that’s mostly based on another franchise.

I’m under impression that she’s former human, consumed by a darker force.
Pretty much what the person above me said.

If you do manage to dig it up, let me know, I’m highly curious.

Well I’ve got all her lore unlocked and I’m working on mastering her before Caldarius

The top left lore challenge answers these questions.

Did you say you have all her lore unlocked?

I’m only holding back some because this is somewhat covered by the unlockable lore in-game, and I don’t want to spoil it all!

Quick tips, though:

  • Orendi is not a human, nor has she ever been one. She is a “varimorph”.
  • The lore unlocked with the lore challenge “Very Morphic Pillars” answers some of the above questions.

Unlock her lore, read up, and then ask more questions. :slight_smile:


Oh, I absolutely guarantee I can out-talk you about our lore. :smiley: I’m THAT kind of nerd.

We’ve thought about this. :slight_smile: It’s definitely something I would like to explore at some point. There ARE moments in all of the missions when you play as a specific character that you hear character-specific dialog. Not quite the same, but leaning in that direction.


Done and done, sera
Just need to get her to Rank 15 and I’m officially-ish Master of Orendi

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