ORENDI stat change please DEVS :-)

@JoeKGBX @Jythri - Helloa guys. I have a request, but the dev talk thread is closed…

At the end of any game I can’t see how many Shadow Fire Pillars I used. With Thorn, it tells you how many Blight Fields you summoned. I would like the stat changed to include Pillars summoned, instead of maybe the cool down one which is useless, or at least some way of knowing how many I did achieve.

One of her Lore Challenges is - as you well know - to use SFP 50 times in a ‘MATCH’ x 10.

I can spam the hell out of it during a 30min mission or PvP game and not succeed, so i’d like to know why, and how many I did shoot. I have everything to do with cool down reduction possible and know Orendi well, so this would help to have this stat available somewhere. Maybe a bug, i’m sure but I use it A LOT :wink:

Currently I’m 0/10 which baffles me.

Help me Obewan-Joe-Jythri, your my only hope.

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Are you using Instant/Quick cast? Currently it seems the progression for that Lore Challenge (That’s a Very Nice Hat Trick) is bugged if not using Standard skill cast.


Mhh, I played only 12 PvE-missions to get the lore done, I never entered PvP for her lore challanges. Maybe its because mission run longer with more minions to scatter, it could be easier in PvE to get it full. Also use her Lv.4 augment for double pillars - they count as well, as far as I recognized.

Oh yes, this could be it too - I played Orendi with standard settings as well.

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@reliikki is probably correct, because I do not see how you can play a full mission or match with Orendi and not cast 50 Shadowfire Pillars without purposefully playing horribly. It is her bread and butter and I usually am at 50 by the halfway point and wouldn’t be surprised if I cast far more than that, especially due to Gnosis and lowering its cooldown with some helix choices.


Yeah, I keep throwing out Shadowfire Pillars left and right, you should get the 50 pillars just playing normally with her!

Yeh, the more I think about it the more I realise it’s defo bugged. I’ve had about 250-280 kills in some missions and had over 200k damage a number of times, so not to have at least 100 pillars out would be impossible. Maybe 200-250?

Great shame, I’m loving her now. Thorn is still my main, but Orendi is my favourite all round because her dialogue is insane, and boy does she do some damage :smile:

— BUT, it would be nice to know how many pillars you did during any game.

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I’ll pass this on for ya!

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Just spam it while waiting for the game to start, its got almost no cooldown until the gates open.

It’s bugged, so that ain’t gonna help :wink:

Just FYI, I use Quick Cast, and was able to complete her lore challenge.

Might just be Instant that’s bugged, or it might be something else.

Tried every way possible.

Just so you know Joe, I actually recorded a mission and counted back, and did over 50 without evening trying hard. So it’s definitely bugged.

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