Orendi Will Never Bounce Again

Stream notes:
Let’s Bounce has become cadence I believe. Nihilism and instant gratification on same level. Both changed, the latter to every other pillar being instant (synergy with legendary?). Shadowfury next to her level 4 damage buffs. New slow on aa for three seconds after nullify. Overall in my eyes a nerf if I caught everything right. Oh, increased bolt speed. That’ll take adjustment, I could already land every crit.

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Preamble of Pain will always trump Shadowfury, having them on the same level sucks but the choice is clear. Nihilism though, instant SFP after Gnosis, how will that work with Preamble? And will it affect Pillarstorm?

Oh, she gets a slow on her primary after Nullify too, all the better to land Pillars with. Still an overall nerf I’d say, I don’t think she’ll play too differently though. No idea why she gets a nerf but Benedict and Galilea are still allowed to be Benedict and Galilea.

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I always went with lets bounce because you could jump high and be more aggressive. Dissapointing …


In the stream, they called “Oh That Reminds Me” “I Hate Your Pretty Shields” lol.

I was so confused about the changes. lol

I’ll see how I like the New Orendi. She’s one of my mains and I don’t know wtf the changes even mean.

Increased bolt speed is an increase in DPS no?

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I believe you mean “Neorendi”.

No. Well, maybe. It depends, variables. Faster projectile speed, not faster attack speed. BUT she gets more base damage to her primary attack, so there’s a DPS increase there.

No changes to her secondary Chaos Bolts attack?
Last time I checked you lose alot of DPS by using it.

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They did say that’s not all the changes. More to come in the patch. This just hi-lighted the big ones. For all we know, Benny will probably get a nerf or two.

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I’m going to miss Let’s Bounce. It was my go to FU against Rath.

Two reasons for pretty much all the character changes:

  1. Lack of choice in helix trees
  2. Lack of build diversity (sorta similar to 1)

We get a lot of data about the helix choices players make - I take that into account. More importantly, there were some really, really terrible augs that Orendi (and some others) had to live with for a very long time (Instant Gratification was made too weak, the gains from extra damage on Nullify is pretty bad compared to Pillar, shield pen on Nullify, and don’t get me started on Chaotic Reach). Montana, Caldarius, Thorn, and Orendi are some of our oldest characters and they was in dire need of an update.

As far as let’s bounce - it was something of a ‘style’ choice rather than a min/max choice that didn’t get taken very frequently (it never made it into the top ten builds people frequently used). If you were one of the few people that liked it, I’m sorry - I sacrificed you to create better build diversity because instant shield recharge is really, really good. :stuck_out_tongue:

It ain’t a nerf :slight_smile:


Wait…YOU’RE One the people responsible for Battleborn’s characters?!

Well done, dude! Thanks for Toby! Whoever thought of a disturbed talking penguin in a mech suit ought to get a promotion; but sadly, all i can offer you is my thanks.


That was going to be my next question, but you answered that in advance so moving on.

I do view it as a nerf, not the part about Let’s Bounce, but the total SFP damage output mid-late game. And maybe that’s not a bad thing, a lot of people complain about Pillarstorm and SFP in general, but if we’re losing access to one of the common picks for that particular set then perhaps it wont be such a nuisance (but people will still hate on it, because it’s AWESOME)


Quick question - Thorn’s Focused Volley. Why did that get changed? I can understand the Brightbrawler change because that was pretty much useless, but all three of her level 4 helices are very useable.

On that note, I’d like to know why Hexsanguanation is getting a buff? Hextension got a buff out of beta, presumably to make it a viable choice against Hexsanguanation, why wait this long to buff Hexsanguanation and for what purpose when the mutation is situational and not really viable compared to the other two options?

Hexsanguination was only useful because of its localised DoT effect, but it’s damage was pretty poor. It prevents recall and shield recharging, but 48 damage over 8 seconds is next to nothing, and it is actually incapable of killing an Eldridge character, because their base health regen is higher than its DPS.

It’s actually 96 damage, 12 per second, ticks every .5 seconds. But yeah, still not huge, though more significant than +10% damage from your ult unless you get it to over 960 base damage, and more than 10% of another charged arrow, plus with another charged arrow you can refresh the DoT. Neither choice is superb, but it’s not terrible, and the DoT can kill runners like Mellka’s old venom. The only reason I can think of why it would receive a buff is because of the recent buff to health regen gear, which out-heals Hexsanguantaion by 2.


Yeah, sorry. I’m a little attached to current Orendi. Actually, she’s the only character I’d have been afraid of change. But what you guys are doing, going back and reworking a lot of helix.choices is absolutely awesome. I’ll just need time to adjust. :grin:
And ofc, there’s so ridiculously much in the rest of the patch that I already wanted to scream throughout the whole stream

You jumped on that new title real quick, didn’t you?

I need it, but my Phoebe stats will probably be really bad in my pursuit, because red bar. Still, I’ll be playing her exclusively post-patch until I get it.

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I want Ambra’s level 20. Ambra is the only character