Orendi's Ultimate Efficacy

Hey guys, love the input and tactics, great things that have given a lot of perspective on build.

What do you think about the Ultimate though? I use it if I am on cooldown with my other skills, which is rare lol.

But it doesnt have that big bang feel. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. Whaddya think? I love the crazy girl, and it would be nice to get some thoughts here and see if you fine folk have experiences to share.



When I use it I make sure I’m hitting as many targets as I can minions and players.

I like it for what it is.

But it becomes absolutely ridiculous with her lvl10 mutator.

What is her level 10 mutator? Only got to level 11 with her before I unlock the character I wanted play more of but it stills bothers me that I did not get to see her mutation.

Using Paradigm Shift places a Shadowfire Pillar under every enemy nearby (I assume it has to hit).

I can confirm that Paradigm Shift doesn’t have to hit the enemy
Anyone within proximity of Orendi OR the blast itself gets a free Shadowfire Pillar

I stand corrected then.

I just want to mention that it only casts a pillar under every enemy battleborn in range (so no easy wave clear :slight_smile: )
Still realy powerfull and fun though, orendi realy is a walking nuke.