Orendi's Ultimate needs a range nerf

It’s petty ridiculous that I’m standing by the stairs to the supply station and Orendi can ult me from the choke point before the sentry. The damage and speed of the ult is way too high for it to be damaging me from that far. Also, why is it fair that there is no visual or audio effects for her ultimate before it’s fired? Yes, it makes a noise while it’s charging. But how am I supposed to hear that in the midst of combat and when I’m not listening for it when Im not expecting her ult (like when I’m 50 ft away). Please nerf the range or create a better audio or visual effect for the charge of her uktimate.

Other ult are instant and “sound que less”

Plus she’s a damage dealer, damage dealing is what she does. It’s a straight line and not an AoE so she needs the range. Hell it could even use more… okay maybe not… well it’d be nice… Whatever, I thinks she’s fine as is but I guess I am somewhat biased towards her.

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you give orendi a clear chance and a clear line of sight while being low on life? BOOM!

I disagree. It’s not easy to aim (console, I don’t do pc gaming), has a medium sized hit box, ult level damage, medium cd. It’s one of the most balanced ults in the game.


Yea no. Orendi is a glass cannon. She is squishy and does great damage. Her ult may hit hard and far but she is a caster its what she does. If ur looking for an indication shes about to cast it look at her and see if shes not casting her bolts or summing pillars. Basically look at her hands. Also another thing don’t ruin characters cause they have one annoying ability. Cause guess what EVERYONE has someone annoying or really good ability. Its part of the game.

I play ps4 and I think it’s easier to aim the further somebody is away from you, especially if theyre running away

She is a really balanced char. And yes her ult is good. cd is slow so just try to avoid her ult or suffer the consequences! :wink:

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Oh definitely, less moving required in joystick thingy. I just meant in general, and I mention console because pc is easier to aim. Not imo, that’s a fact.

Well they have to compensate for her squishy health. So high damage and low health seems reasonable.

Her ult range is fine. To be honest I have missed belore because I wasn’t close enough; plus it isn’t an instant fire thing…I am coming at this from a PvE point because I don’t do much pvp atm…

Sorry if that was me but Orendi does have a max range where she is not as efdective, and her ult just feels right hit or miss, if she gets nerfed go ahead and lower her health, you’ll just make us better…

Orendi is pretty much perfect balance wise IMHO. Her Ult is the only reliable way to kill a specific target for her since her primary is short to medium ranged and isn’t impressive on damage. Also its a finishing move and requires the target to be wounded already. It does have a charge time as well so it goves weakened enemies a chance to retreat. Her shadowfire pillars are brilliant light shows that punish players who are not paying attention, but it often means as Orendi I have to accept they can and will be dodged.

She is also squishy and lacks insane mobility like Thorn, Melka, and Cady.

If you want to talk about nerfing ults Rath and Thorn are higher up the list purely due to their ability to combo you from 100 to dead.

Honestly the only BB that really need a nerf IMHO are ones that easily play too many roles alone. Pre-nerf Galilea/Alani are perfect examples of this due to be good (or very good) at their primary roles and also being good DPS.

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