Organizing an Unofficial Fanart Contest - LF Participants, Prizes and Ideas

Heyhey fellow Battleborn community!

To spread some positivity and fanlove I plan to host a unofficial fan-led contest for Fanart, Cosplay and general Fancreation :heart:

It would be hosted on this forums AND on the Battleborn group on deviantART to gather more entries & possible winners.
Battleborn-Warriors dA-group ->
Group Gallery ->

The competition will be split into 3 Categorys (so far):

  1. Battleborn Fanart
  • Classic Fanart
    (digital & traditional drawings, paintings No Photomanips or Wallpapers!)

  • Comic Strips

  • Cosplay & Crafts
    (Cosplays and Cosplay Props, Weapons, Jewelry, Accessory, ect.)

  • Misc.
    (Videos, Photomanip, Wallpapers, Desktop-themes)

  1. Create your own Battleborn

Let your creativity run wild and design a new Battleborn! It will be one of the 3 big sections.
You can participate with:

  • Skill concepts, charts & helix
  • Character designs (fullcolored designs, sketches, raw designs, colored, ect.)
  • Fanfiction

3.Create a new Skin
You can do Photoshop? Show it and design the most badass Skin for your Battleborn!

  • Photomanips, Traditional Art, Digital Art - all is welcome.

Every section/part/departement will be a own contest section with its own prizes, “Create a new Skin” same as “Battleborn Fanart” and “Create your own Battleborn” . So they are basically 3 contests merged in one.

and I plan for prizes for each category.
At best, depending on the count of entries, the jury would choose 3 best entries from each category in each section.
I still have to think about the numbers of nominees though. So far there´d be 6 1st-places for each categoy in each section. I´ll have to see if I can gather enough prizes for 2nd & 3rd place winners.

Prizes I can contribute so far:

  • Battleborn Collection Figures - the full display Box unopened with Miko, Thorn, Rath, Orendi & Montana

  • Handcrafted Battleborn Jewelry & Accessory, all handmade by me, would include:

    • Deande Paperfan
    • Aurox Amulet
    • Miko hat pendant
    • Eldrid Amulet
    • Jennerit Logo keycharms
      I plan alot of different crafts, from El Dragons belt buckle to an Orendi-hat-necklace :slight_smile:
  • Crafting Material

  • Different sets of fabric for Cosplay sewing

  • COPIC markers

  • Apoxy Sculpt

  • Polymerclay Sets

  • Coupons for my Etsy shop / maybe even giftcards/coupons for a free item

Now I look out for a team - We need a jury and, at best more prizes!!!
Of course I could do it alone, but I don´t want to do it alone. It feels cheap to judge alone over all possible entries.

So this is a call to all artists, cosplayers and crazypersons -

Please comment if you´d be interested in the contest, participation or donating prizes!
Every input is appreciated!

Winniers would be choosen through polls for the categories, either by a jury when we find enough people or we let the fellow forum-members decide!

:heart: Let me know what you guys think! :heart: Ideas for categories, prizes or themes are very welcome!

(donation of prizes means that you volunteer to send/ship a physical or digital item to the winner at your own costs.)


Well I think you should establish a timeline. Also, definitely create categories for score. Creativity, skill/polish, etc

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Both on my list - thank you very much! :heart:
I did´nt wanted to set a timeline / deadline for entries yet since this topic was more ment as brainstorm-thread.
But I´d say it would best to let the entry-phase run until late September, maybe even until Halloween. This way theres much time over summer & maybe even more entries due to crazy Halloween ideas :slight_smile: With a judge/poll timeframe of 4-6weeks all winners should have their prices before christmas.

On the score-idea : I thought to exchange the winner ranks (1st place - 3rd place) for 2 or 3 score categorys (for example: most creative/crazy cosplay / most accurate or detailed costume / most votes in open poll)
This way in each over-category would be 3 first places awarded with prices, each for each subcategory.

Anyone out there?

I thought long how to handle entries, and I think the contest should allow entries that were created before the start of the contest to gather more participants.
Or it would have a rather long timeframe, maybe even until spring 2017 :sunny:

Maybe add a “Your Own Battleborn” section must include Background Story, Ability spread and Character Design ( drawing painting clay??) I like the idea maybe you could post and link it to reddit once you have the total outline to draw more people here.

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As I´m currently designing an own Battleborn too I really like this idea!!! I also thought about a “Selfmade Skins” section.
So far I´m still gathering ideas for prizes and need some freetime to write the contest article I´d submit on deviantART , FB and this forums…When I had this idea I had plenty of time, right now I´m happy I can keep up with the mod-job >.<

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Hey this is a killer idea…I can contribute in one of the 3ways explained , let me think a bit more on which and ill get back with you.

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Yes please please let this run till Halloween or something!
Currently I’m busy with university ■■■■■■■■ but if I get some time over summer I can finally build a Battleborn cosplay! :heart_eyes:
I’d love to participate in this. I love the idea!

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