Original CD and Patch

Yes it’s an original CD game.

It’s not install into steam.

I’m going to see if I can convert it in a Steam digital copy.

I hope that i’m lucky :wink:

Thanks a lot.

While we wait for the new guy here to take the Steam route, what’s the intended patch mechanism for physical copies? Usually there would be a patch program on the disk somewhere (that sort of does the Steam thing), or you go to the website and download a standalone patch file.

Not sure. This is a particularly tricky case since the CD used DRM - SecuROM or something? - and was also coded to use the now defunct GameSpy servers for co-op. Hence the trade-to-digital with Steam, which as I recall was only for a specific period.

Yeah, hopping to Steam is definitely the better way to go… these CD-based versions of BL2 are strangely fascinating to me, and I was just curious what their path was for patching those.

If it helps someone, you need to download Borderlands Granting tool from Steam and use your original disc to activate Steam version of it, with Steam account obviously.

I can’t do this cause this tool isn’t avaliable on Steam.

I did it.

I have seen patches on megagames websites.
I think patches (not DLC) are free, isn’t it? I wanna stay the legality

If yes, how to install them?

Is this the tool? I get the second message when I try to use it.


Yes, I got the same message.

Very strange that they have locked it, probably because of the remastered game

They removed it because people were abusing the system to get free copies of the game. I believe it was removed a while before the remaster came out.

So back to the original question - looking for a non-Steam update method for CD game? Is this support ticket material?

I think it would be.

Hi all,

So, I have contacted Steam support and i realized that Steam french team is useless…

I finished the game without any patch :wink:

Thanks everybody for helping me.

It’s time for me to play the second opus


Evil Smasher much? :laughing:

I’m kidding… it would be nostalgic to compare a virgin game to the enhanced/UCP-ified thing I play now.

Hi guys
Another French man there .
I had same problem more recently. I wanted to reinstall Borderlands GOTY on a new computer and had same problem. Reason of the problem was locking system on the DVD which was looking for the old site of 2K and could not find the adress.
But it is not the point. I bought a Steam license to run on my new computer and, of course, it work BUT , for whatever reason : Portals are not activated when you find them. It means I cannot use fast travel, except from a dlc to another. Did anybody experienced that and how could be fixed that problem ?

The disk versions would be looking for the Gamespy servers for multiplayer (along with the SecureROM feature) - that’s why GBX worked with Steam to issue Steam keys for disk owners. The disk at this point is completely useless apart from being a Christmas Tree ornament or coaster for your coffee cup.

This is completely normal behaviour whenever you start a new character. You need to enable the Fast Travel network as part of the main story, and that only happens once you reach the Dahl Headlands.

Note that if you’re somewhere like Sledge’s Safe House, you can FT to the Underdome and then from there to Fyrestone. But Fyrestone will be the only base game location you can access from any DLC until you advance the story far enough.

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Thx for return, It make a while I did not have play initial Borderlands and I did not remember that point. I will be patient until I do that quest :slight_smile:
oh, I noticed something strange about the game. I am using GOTY “enhanced” which seems to accept to play in 4K, but the mouse seems not working properly in menu screen or selection , I had to downgrade in HD to have access to the whole page on menu screen .

That would be outside my area of expertise - especially since I’m on base XB1 and so don’t get the 4K version. You might want to poke around the menus to see if there are added options for setting resolution, safe zone, etc.

@Adabiviak - do you have the 4K Remaster version on your PC?

@Adabiviak Yes, I am using the 4K remaster version, and I just found why it was not working:
I have 2 screens : main screen is 4k, and second is HD. I was playing windowed with no frame on the 4K and as I was saying, the mouse was blocked on the top left quarter of the screen when I was using menus. I just switched on full screen and it work OK.
Thank you guys for these tips :wink:

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Good thing - I’m not sure how even to tell what version I have. :laughing:

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