Original early Homeworld2 art / models (pre-release previews from way back when)


I’ve been away from the Homeworld modding scene since…uh, well, about a year after Homeworld 2 originally launched. I’ve got a bit of an odd question, I think:

Way back when, a bunch of us over at Relicnews had been in contact with some of the devs before the VUG->THQ thing happened and the franchise went into indefinite limbo. Specifically, quite a few folks wanted to restore some of the ship models and art that were in the early previews of Homeworld 2 - the Vaygr Command Carrier (Big Red or Agamemnon, as it appeared in some concept shots) , the Progenitor Foundry, support frigates, stuff like that. There was even an effort to allow access to the models/art used in those early concepts, and understandably with the state of things back then, it was very, very unlikely that much was going to be done. We managed to get some concept art, some shots of models in progress, things like that, but nothing substantial.

I was wondering, with Gearbox being the stewards of the franchise going forward, and the quite frankly good level of community support and involvement GBX has shown so far, was any of that stuff transferred over with the IP? Some friends and I were wondering if any of that early work was still around, or if the art is still out there somewhere, as it seems to have vanished.

I hope that made sense - really late over here.




Several models have been made of the Aganemmon, but I dont have any idea where they’ve ended up. I suppose I could dig a little more into it; this was just a quick 5-10 minute foray into the abyss…

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Thanks for the response. I was actually working with one of the authors of the Foundry/Agamemnon re-makes, actually, way back in the day. We’ve all since moved on.

Far-fetched as it may sound, there actually was an attempt made by Relic to release the high-def model of the Agamemnon that was made, for reference purposes, as far as I was told (most of this happened after I left, so what I have is hear-say at best). I’m curious if any of that stuff still exists. I don’t quite know how the process of transferring IPs works in the software development world (as an architect, we only get the “finished products” if we purchase another firm and absorb their work, for example).

Are these the screenshots you’re thinking of? (near the bottom of the page) http://homeworldshots.net/index.php?/category/55