Original homeworld background story script?

Hey does anyone still got the original background story script written by Rob Cunningham or was it Alex Garden? I can’t recall.

In this script you could read about the entire background Story of the Hiigarans their war with the Taiidan, their discovery of the 2nd hyperspace core & till the point which led to the Ancient Hiigaran Empire their collapse following complete destruction of the Hiigaran fleet by Bentus and ultimately their exile.

Here you go :slight_smile: :

hw2scripts.rar (wetransfer link is available 7 days)

Thanks for that @Dwarfinator that’s how ever not the story script I meant. The one I’m seeking was written for and based upon Homeworld 1 classic basically explaining the entire background story of Homeworld in a galaxy wide scale.

It began with a mention towards the Bentusi how they were among the first to discover Hyperspace technology and eventually finding the first core. And that they then met new races with whom they shared hyperspace technology. That eventually led to conflict between the various species but was always put to a swift end by the Bentusi which acted as peace keepers throughout the galaxy.

Fed up with the Bentusi the numerous world leaders of the galaxy met in secrecy plotting for a specific date when all worlds should start their wars so that the Bentusi couldn’t interfere. That eventually led to the formation of several empires the Taiidan and Hiigaran empires included.

From the amount it contained it was well written and I remember I must have read it for like 30 to 40 minutes before I was through with it. It was an unofficial document but by an official Relic Homeworld main story writer dev released back at the time.

Sounds like you’re talking about the backstory that got put in the hw2 strategy guide. I’m sure there’s plenty of uploads of it online.

Interesting I will check it out. If it was in an official guide though. Then I doubt it covers the scale and magnitude of what the document contained.

Found it…


The materials came out of official hand but some fans edited it - mixed some pictures and text formatting in. Unfortunately their pdf. document containing the extended official Homeworld background story seems lost even web archive has nothing on it.

I think your memory might be expanding the volume of words involved, but it’s the only canon source I’m aware of that covers the story points you’ve mentioned. Perhaps you read a fan expansion on the ideas as well?

perhaps this ? ^^

History of Hiigara -Prelude to the End Times

The writing you’re talking about was created during the development process of HW2, not HW1. The whole concept of there being these three great hyperspace cores didn’t exist during HW1’s development. That was something created for HW2.

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