Oscar in trin flatts

does oscar in trin flats drop anything good?

Not as far as I know.

Pretty confident he’s just there for the humour.

If he’s some type of joke/eater egg, it’s totally missed the mark with me. :frowning:

He comes out of the trash. Its a reference to oscar the grouch from sesame street probably.

That makes sense, ha now it is funny!

He’ll occasionally drop skins, although I’ve never gotten anything higher than green rarity from him. Also, unlike the Darksiders, Moonstruck, etc., he does not appear to level up with the player through successive restarts in TVHM…

Does he drop player skins or just vehicle skins?

Haven’t hit him enough times to be sure, but IIRC so far I’ve only had vehicle skins (and not every time, either) He’s actually pretty stingy, and he didn’t even come out to play last night! (Doing the pop racing side quest, so he may have emerged and been offed without me realising it was him - there were several scavs running around the area at one point.)

He dropped a blue for me tonight, but nothing special.