Oscar Mike and the Lonely School

First off I’m enjoying the DLC, even though it’s shorter. I do find it being a big Chore playing in a group for this Ops mission and find myself playing the mission Solo all the time now. Now I know more people in the party amps up the difficult including Ops points.

What I’m getting at is the 2 previous DLC Made it fun no matter how hard it got, me and 2 friends were able to get 100 ops points a good portion of the time maybe missing 10 ops because we messed up one objective. Battle School has been different, We keep getting survive the wave 99% of the time 2 times in a row, we start off good then the enemies just start spamming the hell out the one shot grenades. No matter how good we did we always lost the ops points because one person would get one shotted.

We decided to stop grouping up did a few runs each solo and we all were able to get the 100 ops easily and started seeing more variation in the side objectives, after a few runs we grouped back together and again back to the survive the wave with the happy go lucky grenade spammers, anyone else experiencing this?

For now me and my friends decided we are only grouping up for the fun and experience and soloing for the skins farming and faction packs from the 100 ops points.

Yup, I’m only able to get 100 OPs with each char solo, nearly each time it’s in a random group there’s shouting.
i.e. Stop shooting the barrels!, Don’t shoot the Boom bots!, Don’t kill just the weakest twin yet!

Every time I group up i don’t even get the Shoot the barrels or boom bots objectives, it’s always survive the wave.

…I’ve done it 46 times now.

I’m up to 50 completions now, both solo and in groups of 2-3 and I frequently get the Boom Bots and Shard Barrels challenges. It feels pretty random all together, and we all groan when the Gen. Mike says “Don’t die!”

For what this Operation lacks in length, it more than makes up for in Ops Point Challenge difficulty. It’s definitely more difficult to farm Commander Packs on this mission than the Attikus or Toby missions.

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Wish i was getting those with my group but i only get them when I go solo, The boom bots one is annoying as they only spawn 3 at most from what I have seen.

The margin for error with the boom bots and shard barrel challenges is pretty high. And killing the Varelsi with the explosive barrel challenge is difficult because only the Scavens really rush you, and they are either too fast or too lethal to mess around with. Skulks lob their snowballs and Marksmen keep their distance, firing off lots of quick projectiles that could easily set off the barrel. It’s really hard to bait Varelsi to within the explosion’s range without them setting it off first and maybe killing you with it instead!

True, always way easier with the minion bots since they willingly follow you around

Bless those dawdling cuties.


Use a Pendles for the stealth revives. It’s much easier.

Yeah we have done that but we don’t want to be stuck with a pendles every game

You can also use OM, S&A, and other characters with stealth options besides Pendles to stealth revive. :slight_smile:

That’s fine and all but since we keep getting Survive the wave 2 times in a row we miss out on the Ops points. leaving us at 80, Just started doing them solo since it’s way easier. We have no problem completing the mission, it’s the challeneg we keep getting for the grenade spamming that keeps happening that makes it tough.