Oscar Mike Builds?

The beta’s over, and I’m waiting to get some cash for the pre-order but I still remember the build I had for Oscar Mike; it worked very well for me.

Helix 1: Impact Trigger

(Grenades Detonate on impact)

I use this because I hate having to anticipate when the nade will explode. I just pop it and drop it, and usually at a player’s feet.

Helix 2: Fragcendiary Grenade

(Upon detonation, Frag Grenages blanket an area in napalm, dealing damage over time to nearby enemies. +360 Damage over 6 Seconds)

I use this because I love AOE attacks, and this is very good for finishing off a fleeing enemy, or scaring people away from a choke.

Helix 3: Red Dot Sight

(Fits Oscar Mike’s Assault Rifle with a red dot sight that enables full-speed movement while aiming down sights.)

I like not moving like an old man when I aim.

Helix 4: Back in a Jiff

(Activating Stealth Generator prompts Oscar Mike’s shields to immediately begin charging.)

I typically use stealth when I need to run away, quickly. I usually am only using this to push behind a turret, or to avoid being eviscerated by a Rath by running away like a b*tch

Helix 5: Doubletap

(Doubles the number of Tactical Rounds in each magazine. +15 Tactical Rounds)

Moar constant damage! Plus I use the OTHER shield penetration skill.

Helix 6: Stealthy Shields

(Increases shield recharge rate while Stealth Generator is active. +105 Shield Recharge Per Second.)

I’m less likely to die while I’m running away. :3

Helix 7: Disruption Rounds

(A portion of Assault Rifle damage penetrates enemy shields. +25% Shield Penetration)

Because this is more useful then the other 2 options at this level.

Helix 8: Embiggened Boom

(Increases the effective explosive range of Frag Grenades.)


Helix 9: Operation Sneaky Ghost

(Increases Stealth Generator’s maximum active duration. +6s Duration)

I can run away even LONGER with this! :smiley:

Helix 10: Holy Crap, Concussive Strike!

(Enemies damaged by Airstrike are slowed for a short time. +3s Slow)

Because I like showing Rath what it feels like to be slowed by a powerhouse class. ;3

As for items, I just used whatever gave me faster reloads, less recoil, health regen, and more damage. Balanced, ya know?

I really only used this build for PvP, and I’d imagine I’m hardly the only one who plays like this.

I do my own thing and take out buildables, turrets, and LOTS of shards. I love collecting those buggers, and the less shards the enemy has to go around, the better!


Not bad at all. At least you take full tactical rounds lol. Unless there was a very annoying ambra I almost always take the +18% damage at that tier because its just way better damage, and I always take the movespeed while cloaked because theres never a garauntee using it as an escape you wont catch another hit and waste the shield recharge. Taking the speed + duration also lets you get really far really fast… like running back from a base trip.

Edit: Long range scope stops his damage from being cut in half past a certain range. I always take it too as up close you can just hip fire anyways.

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That’s true, but in practice I never lasted very long. xD I usually tried to stick around someone much larger or someone who would draw attention to themselves just by being around Like Isic or Montana, and harass the enemy while hiding behind the them.

When I notice my buddy isn’t doing so well, I’d drop an airstrike and a grenade to try and help the tank out, and then either manuver myself to theflank, or engage stealth and bail. xD Beyond that, I’d engage stealth if I was a decent distance away from someone I wasn’t sure I could kill, otherwise just spam stuff and run away to my team.

I’m not a very good pusher, and if Whiskey Foxtrot wasn’t terrible at his role, I’d have probably played him.

I go:
1.Sneak attack®
2.Fragn. Nade(L)
3.Scope® P.S. The scope is so much better honestly
4.Tactical Espionage Action®
6.Far-flung nades(L)
7.Agility Training(L)
9.Operation Sneaky Ghost®
10.Concussive Strike®

This is my assassin pub stomping build if I’m just trying to fill the stat sheet(this build is how you will kill people super fast)…If you’re playing a competitive match, definitely go pro-minion clear helixes like you did.


Was this pro-minion? 0-o I never noticed, but when the full game comes out I’ll take a look-see.

This is my order of priority:

1: Logistics
2: Turrets
3: Support Characters
4: Super Minions
5: Non-support Players
6: Minions

It’s probably not great that Minions and most players are lower on that list xD But in my defense, I find it much more enjoyable to beating the crap out of a buildable than to chase players or farm minions. Is there a better character for that? (I played a LOT of Shayne & Aurox.)

OM is pretty much broken offensively, and tops all roles in that category for ranged characters, followed by Benedict, Marquis, Thorn and S+A. Thorn is probably worth a try for you as she repositions really fast and gets to places OM can’t. If you found yourself dying a lot as OM she also survives much better.

If you want to control the battlefield more while still having a ranged attack for buildables Reyna is also an option, and you get to save a life every ~14 seconds to boot. She gets to stick a long lasting slow on her targets so you get much less chasing speedy chars.

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Oh yeah! I played Reyna for a while, too! She’s also fairly strong for a support, my only real issue is that I found that I died way more often than I did with OM, but that might be just because of the character and role differences.

As Mike, I usually went around 6-4 in a bad round, and 11-5 in a good one, I tended to die frequently early game because I would focus on hoarding shards. xD Once I’d get my items activated I’d be able to focus on the fight.

As Reyna I would stick with a tank, usually and buff him up before we engage. I’ve actually saved a few team fights by popping an overshield and marking an enemy.

I hadn’t ever played Thorn, oddly enough. She was one of the few I never tried out, but when the game releases, i will. :smiley:

Oh well I mean ya I’m saying like the way your build is, with grenade prioritizing over the assassin upgrades, would be better than my build for minion clearing. If those are your targets, try my build when the game comes out but if you’re looking to play competitive with Oscar Mike you MUST change your priority list to:

  1. Minions
  2. Turrets/Buildables
  3. Minions of any variety
  4. A little more minions
  5. Support Characters
  6. Carries/ minion clearing Characters(and of course you can poke people and still go for kills, just change your priorities babe ;])
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I go for this until I unlock the mutation that gives me 18%+ Damage, unless I’m in a PvP match (which is rare because I normally loathe competitive multiplayer).

Oscar Mike build suggestion:
Choose any other character.

There is nothing OM can do that another character doesn’t do better. I consider OMs equal to disconnects, because they really don’t matter.

they must have rebalanced him in the full version. You’re the only person I’ve seen say that, everyone else I’ve seen says he can do just about any job better than the other characters.

Regardless, this topic is for the beta, and the full game is out. Please don’t reply to these beta threads. (At least, I posted it there originally)

I can’t tell which is which lol doesn’t seem like a very active forum