Oscar Mike Cosplay Worklog

It’s been a couple years since I’ve done a proper costume worklog! You may ask yourself, but why start again now?
Because… I have the power of UNLIMITED BEAUTIFUL INTERNET! For the first time in ages.
So Tuesday 4/25/17 I decided to start on a new costume, and stream my many, many hours of work to come on there, and also answer any questions I could on stream, and post the videos to youtube for future reference.


I’ll be streaming today in the upcoming hours, and maybe saturday too. :slight_smile:

Logged Hours: ~6


Progress screenshots are also nice!

But i wanted to do video since im too lazy for screenies! lol, maybe once i get into the real world work :stuck_out_tongue:


Phew, i know its been a while, but im about to stream some more of this again! just confirmed tfcon in september/october, cyber city con in december, and pax south in january, so im going to need a new costume before these happen! gotta get my mike on! :slight_smile:


I’m committed now!

got the fabric for mikes body suit, and all i have left to unwrap in pepakura is the chest plate. ill post screenies of the finished unwrap. up next is the pattern for the laser cutter!

why the sudden fire? well, ive got three cons upcoming! tfcon roadtrip in sept/oct, cyber city con in december, and pax south in january! (and matco tools expo in february, but no cosplay there, lol)

and the battleborn fam may or may not have discussed getting the casual battleborn cosplays together. :o since i wanted pics of montana and mike together, but joe no longer has montana full, so ill get a shot with his cap on :smiley:
ill probably bring rath to pax south and see if i can coerce some tall skinny folks into taking pics with my caldarius XD
mike will be my casual/walking costume. :slight_smile:


10 hours of stream yesterday, uploading over 8 hours of it to youtube now, ready to do more today.
weve finally moved out of pepakura into inkscape, and mostly finished editing the vectors (after two hours of troubleshooting) for the gun. :thumbsup:


Well done. :+1:

Still working!
Physical work has begun on the bodysuit - requiring me to read up on my sewing machines user manual and investing in a new webcam tomorrow, as mine are too old to be supported well now…
and i finished the basic work in inkscape tonight. I’m happy to send the unfolded files to any party intrerested. im not opposed to an army of clones appearing at conventions :stuck_out_tongue:
kinda waiting on feedback to find out exactly how big the bed is for the laser printer at the dallas makerspace :o
until then, i continue wortk on the bodysuit! learning sewing, HOOOOOOO!


Saturday I’ll be streaming the Lasercutting of Mike (and if you’ve been around the streams you’ll know I’m finally making Caldarius’ gun too!) down at the Dallas makerspace! The stream should be fully operational before 2pm cst, technical difficulties notwithstanding lol. It should be at least a few hours to get everything cut out, and ill be working on sorting and prepping parts while the lasercutter goes to town. :slight_smile: Hope to see you then! :slight_smile:


So i finished assembling these on stream two sundays ago! i hope to work on more this thursday into the weekend :slight_smile:


Looking freaking awesome @NatsumeRyu!! :heart:
I seem to get notifications every time you are live on Twitch (Twitch noob here) but I’m always either sleeping or doing something so I never tune in :sweat:


Man, I missed this. Freaking awesome.

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i was on last night and built the base of his boots, tonight ill try to build the rest of his boots if i have time after work :slight_smile:

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What skin are you going to paint?

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default for now, ive thought about repainting my rath to the zer0 skin so i can wear it to the bl meetups XD


built the top half of the chest this morning on stream! about to start on the bottom half of the chest shortly!~


Oh, that’s going to look so badass…

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does a sick guitar riff with gun


The one thing i always dislike when i do a project like this (ie papercraft) that creates a lot of “bits” is having to clean it all up after. :upside_down_face:
It’s a necessary evil in order to carve something awesome out of the raw materials though! :heart:

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(insert quote about making omelettes and breaking eggs)

vaccuums make cleanup much more tolerable though. :smiley:

i remember the days of hand picking stuff though,and having a trash bag on hand for every cut i made.

i have learned to enjoy the foam-fetti for what it is.

man, that was some party last night, right guys?!
(i have begun to lay out the foam for his backpack, arm armors, and gun…)

probably wont be streaming this weekend (but ill see if i can record!), as ill be housesitting. ill try to finish up mikes bodysuit during this time, since i will be signalless, and thus have no distractions…i will master this fabric trash and make it bend to my will!