Oscar Mike DLC = fantastic

I really enjoyed the Oscar Mike DLC. Short and sweet, fun and quickly repeatable. Now a go-to when I want some quick co-op PVE. I won’t have to worry about stumbling into an hour long quagmire of defense points that our team will eventually lose (some of the normal co-op maps really turn me off from random campaign matching).

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Agreed, it’s a fun change of pace. If you do want to do any of the others while communicating, or tackle a story mission in a coordinated fashion, let me know. You’re on my friends list. (Wouldn’t mind trying to get the new diamond ranking on the story missions, and I need to cycle through a bunch of story ops for skins but some of the characters are poor solo choices.)

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I have extra time to game this next 5 days. Evening and morning. I’ll look for you. Sounds like fun.

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Well… yeah and no.

It has a high chance of tricking you out of the 100 OP Reward.

If your e.g. a Kelvin and get in round 2 the “don’t die” and “Pop the Devourer’s head” challenge, it can be super annoying.

The first and second are less likely to do so, but take more time.

I love the DLC, but it´s giving me quiet a hard time and shows me my skill limits rather bluntly.

70% of the time I´m ticked and angry because my performance in this DLC sucks (the challanges break my back…) , but then OM or General Mike say something so ridiciously funny that I start laughing anyways^^

Still have not managed a OP100 run nor a OP80… With Toby & Attikus-DLC´s we reached OP100 at the first evening playing, now it´s a struggle for every point.

I rather like the challenge, but its weird that the Toby-DLC was so easy in comparison.
The Attikus-DLC was amazing and challenging, Toby-DLC was rather childsplay and now the OM-DLC breaks my neck :sweat_smile:

Go in as Toby. Solo. Have fun!

I seem to miss one or two chests on TFR, even though I try to be really careful all the time. Had a 99 Ops Point game going the other night but died in the final fight. Did it again last night with @Matrixneo42 as Montana + Beatrix at 90-ish, but the adds in the boss fight (especially the boombots) were a pain. I think we just missed out on 100 Ops Points on OMvBS.

It’s odd about TFR: when it first came out I played it solo and co-op many times, and it didn’t seem too hard. The last few times though, using a different set of characters, it’s been a lot tougher.

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I think the OPs are especially fun if you’re not trying to get every single OP point possible. They are certainly speedier that way. :slight_smile:

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I’m with you. It’s great except that some of the challenges are ridiculous.

Seriously. The first two can take twice as long if you’re working on getting every OP point. That’s one reason I love the Oscar Mike one…if’s more straightforward without so much time required to grab every pickup along the way.

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