Oscar Mike Fitting in

ok, first post, sorry if its been discussed already, but… All Lore finished but this one. Have done over 90k dmg using just grenades as much as possible, but it never changes past the same number. 27256. whats really weird, is my wife is stuck on the same lore, and her highest grenade dmg is also the exact same number. What gives??

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I did this lore long ago.

Is the dmg required done by a single nade?

If is 90k dmg by a single use of nade you would need to stack skill dmg and a large group of enemies who can endure the dmg.

I probably did it in the voids edge vs the skill varelsis in adv. When the boss send you to the poket dimension all i did was walk in circles mobing them to the middle and use a nade all of em.

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You’d have to hit several hundred enemies at once to deal 90k damage with a single nade. (The lore itself is 36k but that’s still not possible)


th e lore req is 36000 grenade damage.

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Get them all as tight as posible and lvl 1 go right for the extra dmg and go with fire nades lvl 2 left and big area of effect.

Best of luck!!

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Then i guess is a single use of it. Best if luck! If you see no progress after trying the tips i gave you try sending a ticket.

For getting it in pvp, throw the genade on to every minion wave that comes by. For pve, just spam the grenade as often as you can on groups of enemies.

Be sure to take the Napalm at level 2.

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Yeah, and thank you for the replies, but ive done all this…many times. I feel like its a glitch, my grenade damage still always says the same number. 27256. Also, why would my wife, on her own account, have the EXACT same number? Seems fishy.

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Did you both used the same gear and helix? Like i said if you tried dif gear and helix and see no change send a ticket.


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I’ll test this out too once Steam Tuesday stops screwing with me.

EDIT: Actually, that run got me far enough before steam booted me; the lore completed normally. Hm.

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Thanks, ticket sent. its not just that it isnt unlocking, but how after trying this so many times, do we, on seperate accounts, have the exact same number?

Well it kind of be luck as if both used the same skills helix etc the chances of used in a normal acenario lets say hitting 5 enemies staying full duration is that number which is max dmg and you have been unlucky to not getting a better result.

But it could be a bug, thats why i asked to do a specific situation that should give you a higher dmg done with a single nade.

But since it did not change ir must be a bug. Best of luck :slight_smile:

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So an update: purchased Montana and the Demon Bear, played it through with mike, and saw my grenade damage changed! when I was done, played a story stage, and a 3rd in, blammo! Master of Mike! wierd glitch fixed, I guess.


Congrats! Glad it unbroke for you!