Oscar Mike has awesome dialogue / taunts

I haven’t played that many characters yet but I gotta say Oscar Mike’s comments in-game (PVE and PVP) are very funny and generally go with the current action.
Are there any similarly funny characters I could try out?

Benedict is a pretty funny guy as well.
Shayne and Aurox have a funny interaction with each other.
Try 'em out and see.

I find Toby hilarious.

“I warned you! Did I warn you? Shoot, I should have warned you! Sorry! Consider that a warning!” --on kill

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I’ll second Shayne and grumbles. Oscar Mike is certainly the best, but they come pretty close.

Oscar mike is pretty funny, as is Marquis. Orendi is great if insanity fits your sense of humor. Shayne and Aurox’s interactions are pretty fun to listen too.

I give cool factor to Deande though. “I am the whisper in your ear, and the blade at your back!” - my favorite quote from her.

Oscar Mike: activates stealth mode


That’s always a favorite