Oscar Mike is an illusive bastard

23 PvP games with Whiskey Foxtrot. ~10 of thosehad OM on the oppossing team.

0 kills
4 assists.

Rarely play Capture with WF, he takes waaaaay tooo long to level and he’s an easy mark.

He rocks in Incursion late game, but that’s more for lane clear and Sentry killing.

He’s pretty good in Meltdown.

Oscar Mike isn’t out to assissinate, he’s lane clearing and poking in and out of cover to harrass.

The few games that OscarMike is making it easier for me to get him, the group is counting on me NOT to chase kills, or I lose the kill shot to someone else (looking at you Alani and your dam waves).

So, I really hope other WHiskey Foxtrot players are having a much better go at getting their Oscar Mike trophy kills, because its just not gonna happen for me.

Pshh. I’m just gonna wait til they change the lore requirements. My ego doesn’t need me to get that master of whisky foxtrot title the “hard” way lol I’m happy to wait until it’s not completely luck based

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They gonna change the lore requirements?

They’re “taking a very hard look into it” or something like that. I dunno for sure if it will get changed, but it makes no difference to me. I’ve zero interest in attempting the ridiculous “kill x 25 times” lore challenges and the like.

Just found this too

Kill and/or assist would be great. Probably enough.

As an official Master of Whiskey Foxtrot and Galilea, I completely agree with you. This lore challenge, and all other kill x character challenge, are too hard and too luck based.


I’ve reached a point where I just play OM and feed the enemy WF’s. Gave someone 6 kills last night.

Oh, and before anyone tells me how bad that is, please consider that a) I have been playing OM to master him, not specifically to feed and b) I don’t feed if it’s going to cost us the game, or only if we’re well past a making a comeback and my team wants to surrender. I’d rather help a fellow WF player out than surrender and go back to 25 minute matchmaking wait times.


Whiskey is my go to PvP character (I only play incursion or meltdown), and just like you said OM is a devilishly illusive bastard.

So far I believe I’m 2/25 with roughly 15 matches played as whiskey. I don’t focus solely on OM cause I’m a team player and I don’t wanna screw my team over, but when he’s overextended I put all my effort into killing him. Even then it’s not a guarantee I’ll get the kill shot on him ;-(

Whiskey is the king of the assist because he’s got very limited ability to chase, and his damage drops off very quickly as people get away from him.
To get my 25 Oscar kills I specced Weighed Down and Scrap Bank every time for the instant burst - Scrap crits hurt. Drop onto an Oscar point-blank, quick melee him into a wall and unload. With the grenade slow it’s very easy to cut off his escape with quick melee to keep him pinned, but it will still be very difficult to kill him.
Don’t mess with Oscar in a long ranged duke-out, he’s well equipped to have a 100% chance to either win or escape on an even footing unless the player is bad.

Kill Oscar Mike isn’t that hard with whisky out of 4 games I got a total of 10 kills on him. Using items that increase attack speed and crit are the best and I use the symbiotic gauntlet as a end game damage dealer so I can make sure to wittle his health down.
Don’t use the recoil reducing items because apparently with whisky it isn’t each bullet produces recoils but how long you hold the trigger. at longer ranges you can notice the recoil but using the red dot helps and you will never be trying to snipe Oscar. Just be patient when you see him look at where he goes and try to move in at a time when his health is lowest if you can try to ping him before he goes invisible since it puts an outline on him and for me it seems broken that I can still see the ping on him while invisible.

6 days now i am stuck on 16/25 for OM kills…

Downside about this is i am stuck on this and just can’t play any other chars, which impedes my other achievements and most importantly takes the joy out of it.

What we did is a full group on capture hunt the OM and let WF get the finishing blow. He had like 6-7 kills each game we met a OM.

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Just 5 more kills and I feel so bad hunting this guy down. I literally throw myself to the other team to get the kill so long as I kill the guy I don’t care if I die so long as I’m a step closer

I’m at 23/25, i’ve gotten the Rank 15 as Whiskey before i got the 25 Oscar Mike kills, i did get lucky in 1 match though and get 8 kills on an Oscar Mike, but he is really hard to kill.

Same here I have been rank 15 for a while with him well pretty much since I started my Mike hunt

FINALLY FINISHED IT SCREW YOU ALL I FINISHED IT THANK GOD I am finally done with his lore all of it

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Lol the exact same type of thinking i had when i completed it last week… WAS LIKE FUK Y’ALL

Holy hell this one took a while to get. I played over 40 capture matches to finally get this lore completed! Lucky for me there was a new player who had no idea how to play Oscar Mike. I got 5 kills on him in a single match! I felt bad for solely going after him, but at the same time it felt great to be done with his lore. I’m super relieved after 22 hours of playing him that I was finally able to master him.

I tried 5 incursion matches to try to kill Oscar Mike, and it is really flipping difficult to kill an Oscar Mike in Incursion. I honestly recommend doing capture because Oscar Mike cannot retreat back to safety (unless your playing temple).

In capture try to reach level 5 or 6 asap to get your ultimate and your amazing for sticky grenades. Whiskey is super good at killing Oscar Mike 1v1 if you spec him right. A low cost shield pen, low cost attack speed, and low cost attack damage, or reload speed gear load out is really good.

Oh he still can do it well. Not his primary purpose but still good at it.