Oscar Mike is really good. Maybe too good

Well, it looks like I’m the first to start a “______ is OP” thread, but I think Oscar Mike is a bit powerful. It might be just because he is so easy to use people just haven’t gotten used to the other characters yet, but he does seem pretty good. I’ve played a lot as him, I’ve gotten killed a fair amount by him, and I’ve seen multiple matches where the top player on each team is Oscar Mike. His assault rifle is really good to start out with, and those grenades that detonate on impact with the napalm are just brutal. Plus, the cloaking with the shield regeneration perks basically allows him to dip out of the game whenever he needs to and get away. Is it just me? Am I going crazy? Am I just a butthurt player who just finished losing a game to Oscar Mike? Lemme know what you think.

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I think you hit the nail on the head in saying that he is particularly easy to use. People are now starting to hit their stride with other characters and it’s balancing out bit better as they learn how to play different toons.

The cloak/shield is pretty awesome but it still relies on a cooldown, you don’t want to run away for too long or you’ll not be as effective for the team. I think he feels pretty good.

Most of the roster seem fairly balanced but different stylistically with a few notable exceptions (Galilea I’m looking at you!!).

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Didn’t really consider him to be OP. Now rather easy to use and versatile once you get some matches under your belt, then I’m with you there. That having been said though…

From where I’m sitting I haven’t gotten far with really anyone, and this doubles for Mike. Guy is a ton of fun and says some pretty funny stuff. Ex. “FURY POTATO!”

I actually have not really seen a dominant Oscar Mike yet. I generally see players dominating with Battleborn like Ambra (she is scarily good when played well) or Shayne and Aurox, to be honest. When I played him, for what it’s worth, I felt he was good but did not feel he was too good.

She’s even more OP. I might even put Ambra up there near Galilea. I have seen a lot of games where OM is on top of the leader board for both teams. It’s mainly his grenades that I find to be so OP, but his gun is quite powerful as well.

I do not think OM is OP. Never played AS him, but I have a friend who always plays him and I have played against him. That fire bomb thingy is strong, but well… You shouldn’t stand in it. ;p But I think is a greatly balanced char. He may be easier to be good with, but that’s probably because he is a bit like the standard FPS soldier guy.

Galilea is OP indeed though. (It took an overleveled Miko and OM a LONG time to take her out. And we both almost died too. :I)

I honestly think he’s pretty well balanced. Not a massive threat, but definitely not someone to overlook. He’s fun and relatively easy to play while still being a strong contributer. True his grenades do a good chunk of damage, but the cooldown is sufficiently long to assure it’s not spammed in battle, and his cloak’s pretty decent too. His ultimate seems more minion oriented as most players immediately leave the aoe, but it’s still powerful all the same.
I mean, he’s my favourite character so I may be a tad biased, but i think he’s in a good place.

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I find that usually a well rounded character is supposed to be alright but not great at everything. OM is good at everything. It’s not as obvious that he’s powerful, and to be fair, I don’t think he’s that OP. He doesn’t have any one aspect that stands out as being way too powerful, but it’s each individual aspect that is pretty powerful, coupled with the fact that he’s good at absolutely everything else that makes him such a beast in PVP.

I feel like his AR hits too hard from too far…either the damage was changed or the accuracy changed from CTT (or both). Thats really my only issue…

Once people get used to him they wont keep getting blown up by air strike.

Or an Orbital Laser.

No you are not. I play Mike until I got Galilea, and I have lost one game with him, have a bit more than 80 player kills, and 6 deaths. Doesn’t show in stats, but I usually get 60-70 minion kills as well.

The cloak & regen gives OM high survivability but I almost never see OM as the top scorer in vs or co-op.

The OM rifle actually seems a bit weaker to me than it should be considering you have to aim it and reload it while many other characters have endless spam, auto hit and even both (Orendi).

But Orendi’s projectiles are slower and have less range, and Oscar Mike still has higher dps with the reload factored in. Also, he has the grenades that explode on impact and do DoT, which are more of an issue than the rifle.

I concur, I knew from the beginning that I was going to stick with him and I still do. :slight_smile:

I think he’s balanced. He has very strong waveclear, but when it comes to killing people I think he isn’t very effective.

Airstrike and impact nade are very easily dodged, leaving a cloak which offers little offensive utility. That just means he basic attacks people to death. In all my time playing OM (he was my first, along with Marquis, good ol’ FPS generic classes) I found he was a good AoE controller and waveclear. A good OM will pressure the opponent and push them back to base, leaving kills to his other teammates (Marquis, Orendi, etc.)

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