Oscar Mike needs a stun

I play as Oscar Mike a lot, and while I would never call him underpowered, he could really use some sort of stun. A lot of other characters have stuns, or some sort of CC, besides Mike, and it’s kinda annoying when I’m getting stunned left and right by everyone. Perhaps when his Grenade directly hits someone, it should stun them for a second, else give him a new level 2 Helix perk that replaces his grenades with concession grenades (Stun with direct hit, slows enemies in the area). The Right trigger level 2 helix is kinda useless, can replace it with that.

Good then I guess we are all settled here.


I consider Oscar Mike to be pretty strong; and I will disagree he needs a stun, but giving him a slow at the same helix as napalm might give some diversity to an otherwise locked in helix choice. I, as an opponent of Oscar Mike, would rather him make the tough decision and sometimes take the slow over the god tier wave clear EVERY time.

Get Vyn’s Quiver. Then you can have a slow every ten seconds.

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If anything I think OM is slightly overtuned for how easy and derp proof he is.

Honestly I think his Air Strike needs a damage reduction. 250 damage per missle baseline? You know how easy it is to get 2-3 missles to land before people can see the red circle being obscured by spell graphics on the ground? talking 500-750 damage from one skill in a GENEROUS AoE in a couple seconds.

That’s not even factoring in a napalm grenade on top of that and the fact that you can invis in behind enemy lines and use both to cut off enemy retreat.

OM needs nothing.


No he doesn’t.
He doesn’t have any problem to catch up with enemies or anything else. And his ultimate gives a slow.

Stuns are awful in this game…


He has Stealth Mode! This is by far more useful than a Stun at all. Oscar is awesome how he is. He don’t need any change by now.

So as a Master Mike I just played my first game ever (including beta) using the MIRV grenades over incendiary. What a frickin turd. He definitely doesn’t need a stun but he needs somethin that can compete with napalm because as of now if you’re not pickin napalm you are actually just incorrect. Lol

A stun is far, far more useful than his stealth generator.

But as for TC, Oscar most definitely does not need a stun. He needs no buffing at all, actually. He’s a very strong character. He has one of (if not THE) best AOE in the game. Actually, two. Napalm grenade and his Airstrike ultimate.

Giving him a stun to force people to remain in them while he’s also pumping bullets into them would be waaaay overboard.

I got that leg just last night. It is amazing :heart_eyes:

He definitely doesn’t need a stun. He kills both minions and players with relative ease, plus has a nice “get out of jail free” option with his invis, AND a fairly useful ult. He’s not crazy strong, but he’s definitely as strong as he needs to be.

To be clear, I’m saying there should be an OPTION of giving him a stun, over his very powerful Napalm grenade, giving him some diversity, and a little more of a skill curve. To stun, you would need to directly hit with the grenade, which can be difficult on a moving target. And losing his Napalm means he doesn’t have the Minion clearing ability. So it gives the player the option between on having an ability that’s really good against minions, or one that’s good against players. So at the start of the match, I would look at who I’m with, and against, and decide if I need a stun against my opponents. I don’t believe this would make him more powerful, as I agree, he doesn’t need to be buffed, just a little more versatility, considering he is suppose to be a very versatile character.

Still a no.

He is one of the last people that needs a stun. Even if it was to replace his napalm. Surprising people out of stealth with a stun into ult followed by several rounds from his rifle will practically melt anyone.

Giving him a stun is the definition of a buff. Giving him a stun with everything else he has would make him too powerful.


Well yes, and the same can be said of other characters if you dump all your abilities on a single player. Rath can take down anyone in a few seconds if he hits them with everything he has, including his ult. Slow them down with Crossblades, knock them up with Cata, than finish them off with Dreadwind, almost nothing they can do about it. Montana can do the same with his Lumberjack dash, stunning the player, than melting them with his Firestorm. Before they nerfed her, Galilea could melt players by hitting them with her shield throw, dropping Desecrate, and hacking away at them. She still will melt them if they’re not at full health. What you’re suggesting here, is the Oscar Mike player unleashes everything he has on a single player, which absolutely should take them down, when many characters can do the same with half as much effort. Keep in mind, I’m not suggesting a long stun, perhaps about 1 second like Montana’s stun, and it requires hitting them with his grenade, which is harder than it sounds. This is also assuming the ability itself, when becoming a concussion grenade, has its damage greatly reduced.

You’ve listed how hard CC makes other characters that much stronger.

So why do you want Oscar to be that much stronger? He is by no means weak at all. He’s frankly one of the best characters in the game.

Because I don’t think it will make him stronger, rather give him more options. I change I’m suggesting is a trade off. The only reason he’s strong, is because Napalm is so useful. However it has limited use against certain characters. He actually has quite a few counters. He can’t do enough DPS against any healers. Since his attacks are AoEs, there is nothing he can really do against them. This has become very apparent with the addition of Alani. I can never kill Her, Ambra, or Miko because they overheal my attacks most of the time. As I said, I’d like to be able to look at my opponents, and plan my Helix tree accordingly. But until level four, I pretty much follow the same tree. Nades on Nades seems to be for this, however it doesn’t do nearly enough instant damage as it should, and ends up a fairly weak AoE. However, another option that I’d agree with, is to simply buff the Nades of Nades ability so it’s more viable. Increase the amount of damage it does to be on par with Napalm grenades. Nades on Nades, according to it’s tool tip, does about 300 damage, max. And that would only assume if all grenades actually hit a single enemy, which they don’t. Napalm however does up to 720, assuming whoever is in it stays in there for the entire duration. Personally, if not give him a stun, I’d recommend that Nades on Nades instead just increases the amount of damage his grenade does from 200, to 300. Still less than half the napalm does, but the damage is instant. I’d also say that it should do even more bonus damage for a direct hit. This would make his grenade launcher more of a single target focus, rather than Napalm focus on multiple targets, and would make OM more viable for one on one fights.

You mean awful as in bad? Or awful as in cheap and unfair? I highly disagree with the former, and partially disagree with the ladder.

From being non english (well look at my picture) I have literally no idea what that last sentence of yours mean :slight_smile:

What I mean is “cheap stuns” that are easy to land (like galilelol & miko) are unfair and really annoying, and stuns in general are veeeeeery powerful in this game, adding another one will just break the balance.

Well I kinda go with the notion that if everyone is cheap, no one is cheap. I believe that every character should have some sort of crowd control option.

“The Former” refers to the first when 2 things are being compared. In my case, the former was “awful as in bad?”. “The Ladder” means the second thing listed in the comparison. This would be “Or awful as in cheap and unfair?”.

Hope that clarifies things a bit. Now to my main point.

I personally don’t think stuns are that bad. While I think that Oscar Mike is in no need of a stun whatsoever, the ones we have currently, with a couple exceptions, aren’t so bad on their own. My main issue with stuns is when they get chained into each other. Getting stunned by Ghalt’s scraptrap is fine on it’s own. I have managed to survive the encounter numerous times as varying characters before. However, getting immediately re-stunned by a Miko is when things start to get annoying. I guess a decent solution would be to prevent people from getting stunned for 3 seconds after recovering from the effects of another stun.