Oscar Mike PvE Builds

Does anyone here have any suggestions for a good Oscar Mike PvE Build? I want to know what kind of gear are best for him and if you wish, feel free to share your own Oscar Mike PvE Builds.

I can really use some feedback because I want to know what kind of gear is best for Oscar Mike in Story Mode!

Oscar just needs attack speed (fires faster) and reload speed.
The last can be anything from attack damage to skill damage to health regeneration

I run the first 2 and health regeneration. Better to regen than to always bug your healer for health.

Would you say recoil is important on Oscar Mike?..Or are there many better options? What kind of Legendary Gear is good for him beside his own Character Legendary?

Recoil depends on whether you play on pc or console and whether you play a lot of fps. Pc is easy to counter adjust for recoil and I have seen many good console players who are good at doing that as well. Might as well get other perks instead of someone you can control yourself. Unless you’re bad at it and then maybe you’ll need it. But imo I never had an issue with recoil since it’s quite minimal. Even marquis. I never use recoil reducing gear once I get used to how much recoil the gun gives. Perhaps my long history of playing fps games do help me in that regard.

As for legendary, any legendary that boosts attack speed recoil and or health regen is good.

I myself don’t really use his legendary since I don’t cloak much unless needed. The speed buff only comes when you use up cloak which I usually save for emergencies or sneaking. Oscar has a generous enough of a run speed (more is always nice ofc) not to have a boost and he is ranged character afterall. Not being in the face of a melee is a necessity.

I’ve seen some Oscar use melka legendary since it buffs reload speed. I myself don’t use any (also because I don’t have any good ones for him) just the basic atk speed damage reload speed health regen gears.