Oscar Mike’s Tango Tango and Rath's A Dark Knight skin release times UK/GMT


Any indication on a time frame that these skin codes will be released would be really useful what with players living in different time zones playing and wanting to get the codes. The info provided is just here:


[quote]We’ll be releasing a SHiFT code for two skins – Oscar Mike’s “Tango
Tango” (Gold) skin and Rath’s “A Dark Night” (Cyber) skin – on Saturday
morning through the Battleborn Twitter account (@Battleborn) and the Facebook page.[/quote]

I play in the UK in GMT and it is currently 12:17 PM. I have been up all morning checking the Twitter and Facebook pages as the codes were supposedly being released on the morning on 25/06/16. In my time zone it is now the afternoon and so the skins are not going to be released in the morning on 25th where I live.

I cannot sit here all day on one of the only 2 days a week I get off work waiting for the skin codes to be posted as I have real world things I have to take care of too.

As such some indication as to what part of the day in my time zone the codes will be released would be very useful. For example if they will be released at a time that is evening where I live I can go and take care of the things O need to and return this eve to try and find the codes.

Without knowing if it will be morning, noon or night in my time zone when the codes are released mean I have to keep checking for approx 17 hours or just give up hope of getting the codes.

Please provide some clarification for non US players!

Many thanks!

Hmm That is a bit frustrating. The only info released was stating it would be on the morning on 25th and for a limited time. Actually, if you are in GMT this should have read evening of 25th and not morning of 25th.

Had this been listed correctly I could have arranged my day to take care of things in a different order instead of me keeping the morning free to get the code and wasting my time.

I am now busy this evening and could have keep this evening free to get the code instead of the morning. I know this was a freebie and I should be grateful for something for free but the lack of thought into the description has meant this has instead caused me to waste a weekend morning and to end up frustrated I will likely not get the code.

Please remember the world outside North America is much larger! There are many time zones across the world and your player-base.

Providing clear information is key to avoid confusion and wasting peoples time.

Time GBX uses is PST (pacific time).
You can use this PST to GMT converter. You can also set it to show time at other cities/time zones. Very handy: http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/pst-to-gmt-converter

I’ve also found a site that allows you to create an “event” and helps convert its time to your local time. Like this: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=2+new+BB+skins+(OM%2C+Rath)&iso=20160625T10&p1=137&ah=12

I’ve set 10:00 just because it’s “morning”. I don’t know the exact time.

Yes, but as I have mentioned, it is all too late for time this time due to the details released.

They released a statement advising that the codes would be released on the morning of 25th. I rearranged my day to keep the morning of the 25th free to get the code as per their statement. It is now 14:24 where I live - 2 hours 24 past the morning.

As of 15:00 (36 mins time) I am busy all day and cannot get back online. I will not be able to get the code despite me rearranging my day specifically to be free for the time frame they listed. I have responsibilities and cannot spend my Saturday sat online refreshing a page for 12 hours - people rely on me and I need to be there for them.

As such I am asking for Gearbox to list a timezone in their posts next time they list an event as the lack of one being detailed in their announcement has meant that I have wasted a Saturday morning (I work Mon-Fri) and have organised my day based on their details and yet will miss the code.

I am afraid that other suggestions will not help today - Today is all ready a wrecked day in regards to time management as detailed above. I am trying to prevent this happening again by simply asking for a timezone to be listed when an event time is being detailed.

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Or, as I suggested in the Battleplan thread, they could extend the time all weekend.

Not only we are around the globe (I’m in your same time zone, but I live in Canary Islands) in different timezones but also with so little time to introduce the code, even events in life are gonna screw over a lot of people.


I’m sure they’ll see having a very limited timeframe for something fans want is not going to work for their whole playerbase (especially not on such short notice) and just make the availbility window a bit longer (or simply make it permanent like the open beta skins). Getting people to rearrange their weekends (and maybe even sleep schedules) for a few character skins should not be something that is a thing.

Shift codes also generally last longer than what they say they do.

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Has been posted.

Didn’t work for me, says it is expired.


Try again till the game accepts it… Trust me, it happens a lot with Battleborn shift codes.

I was about to post it here, I used it and it works

it took three tries but worked here

Backing out to the main menu and going back in worked for me after repeated failures.

I wonder if Shift Codes respect timezone? Because I have done all of the above multiple times and it still says its expired. I might try it again tomorrow morning (in 6 hours), not going to stay up all night entering a code that doesn’t want to work right now :sunglasses:

I got it to work on PC after several tries but it refuses to work on PS4.


Can’t get it to work on PS4…
Have tried spamming like many suggest, tried exiting and re-entering it…
Still says code has expired and can no longer be redeemed…
It is 1:37am, and probably time I called it a night, sure it will work when I wake (hopefully).

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I couldn’t get it to work on Xbox, kept getting ‘Code expired’ errors.
But after setting my console time zone to PST, everything worked fine.
So, @lowlines might be right about those codes being time-sensitive.

Can’t get it to work either, I’m on PS4 and tried entering it multiple times.
I hope they can fix it in time :c

I am in PST and it still isn’t working.

I have been trying to spam it also and it says expired

If I got it correctly, code expires at this time: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=BB+skins+(OM%2C+Rath)+code+expires&iso=20160626T2359&p1=263

At least that’s what stated here: https://twitter.com/Battleborn/status/746719888513740800

Typed it in 3 times and relentlessly spammed A on Xbone. Nothing. Logged out, typed in with CAPS, spammed A about 5 times and it went through. It will work. Took me about 15 minutes and my girlfriend thought I was insane, but totally worth it!

Yup, set my time zone to EST then it worked. That’s pretty sad, but hey…