Oscar Mike Shield/Skill Damage Build


Bolstering Cognitive Predictor
+% Skill Damage +n Maximum Shield Strength

BCP could be replaced by Gambler’s “Greyhound” or even Guerrilla’s Ancient Sundial to get cooldowns. Just keep your shield up.

Amplifying Internal Capacitor
+n Maximum Shield Strength +% Skill Damage

Having more shield strength is the key to this build and for staying alive in this game. It’s basically a pool of rapidly regenerating hp.

Amplifying Bio-Thermic Converter
+n Shield Recharge Per Second +% Skill Damage

Improved shield and skill damage are the main attributes for this character to be played easily and successfully. Although, his assault rifle has high damage, his skills are what benefit the most from items.


  1. Sneak Attack
  2. Fragcendiary Grenade
  3. Scope
  4. Back In A Jiff
  5. Doubletap
  6. Stealthy Shields
  7. High-Velocity Ammo
  8. Fragpocalpse
  9. Stealth Savings
  10. Holy Crap, Space Lasers!

Shoot grenades on lanes in front of groups of minions or use the skirmish line (the line dividing the two fighting parties) and overlay it to the diameter of your attack. This will get maximum area effect.

For character groups. If there are 2 or more characters standing close together, aim for the mid point between both characters. If there are three and you can draw an equilateral triangle using the characters as points. Use the center of that triangle as where to place your grenade.

Remember, your grenade bounces, so aim your grenade about 3 meters before the target/grenade rest location.

Use stealth before using your Ultimate to apply a 16% damage bonus. This applies to grenades and attacks. Use stealth before using a grenade to get a damage bonus.

When you finally reach level 10 you can use Stealth and his Ultimate to drop the shield on a Sentry easily or just deal a ton of damage to one.

Notes: I had multi kills and only 1 death at the end because I got comfortable knowing we were going to win getting stunned by Galilea in front of a Sentry and Lightning Turret. It was almost impossible to bring my health down below half with my shield at +500 and regenerating it whenever I stealth.