Oscar Mike The Femme Fatale?!

Lol why, oh why, is Oscar Mike included along with Ambra and Deande to unlock the femme fatale title?

Does he engage in personal activities we are not privy too?

Does he go from lumberjack to hanging around bars in a dress (Monty Python reference…)?

Attikus is only roleplaying as a detective.

Ambra and Deande are only roleplaying as his femme fatale clients.

Likewise, Mike. He wants to play too, Attikus already took the detective role, and he doesn’t care what you might think.



Love it, thank you.

Very Tiny Tina Dragon-keep DLC Esque.

I love the new depth this gives Atty’s character!

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I actually thought less of Attikus for being so uncool about it, haha. Conversely, I usually don’t think much of Mike, but he went way up in my estimation!



When was Attikus uncool about it?

Only heard the DLC dialogue 3 times so far.

I think there are 2 main reasons:

  1. Oscar Mike wants to be befriendet with everyone and to help everyone. So he goes onto Attikus nerves too and want to be friends with him. /Spend freetime together)

  2. Oscar was in the cloning tank until his body was the one of a mature soldier.
    Most likely these full grown clones are only teached most fundamental things: war, shooting, how to wear the armour, eating, speach.

I think the fine nuances between male & female (behaviour, cultural roles, references, stereotypes) are not teached by the UPR clone-instructors.
OM has to learn these things by himself, and well, that could take time…

Also OM picks most stuff up from TV and does not understand most references. (WF-lore)

So in his world he can be a great Femme Fatale, since he does not know that the Femme Fatale is a classical female role.
At all, its just a roleplay. I can be a male Ork warrior, and I´m amazing at it!

I think this makes him on of the most lovable characters in the cast :heart:


When Mike says “detective” in a flirty voice, Attikus orders him to stop and says he’s ruining it.

This despite the fact that neither Ambra nor Deande flirt, so actually Mike is the only one really getting into the role.



Superbly stated!


Presumably that’s when you play through it as Mike?

Not knowing nonsense gender nuances actually makes Mike one of the smartest Battleborn. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ernest and Benedict are talking birds and Shayne has a space monster strapped to her back. If a male femme fatale is what raises eyebrows in this universe, I despair.


You expressed wonderfully what I could not! :heart: I love Oscar exactly because of this. He just wants to be happy - having fun, being pretty and be a bro.


There’s no dialogue specific to the character you cboose. You just haven’t played it enough times yet!

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I’d love to learn more about the planet of Mike
How would a society of individuals with equal intelligence and likely similar mentality work?
Do they draw straws for all the jobs?
Do they hold a global lottery to decide who gets to be King and Queen Mike?


Was it Mike who wrote a love letter to one of the other male Battleborn?

Give me a second, I’ll channel my inner Mike to get your answer…

“I don’t know! It just works somehow, and it’s freaking awesome! There’s so many parties, and you’re always invited, because it’s always your own party. Nobody ever bails on a high-five EVER. One problem, though, you can’t sew your name on your clothes, or some other guy named Oscar Mike takes them! And without my name on my clothes, I’m never certain they’re really mine. The cat hair helps! Hey, is this still recording? Can I go now?”


mhh, I´m no Master of Miko, but I doubt it. But Miko appearently likes spooning cabbages.

Though Whiskey has a taunt holding a Valentines Card he appearently got from Oscar Mike (OM is on the card). Oscar has a cute senpai-thing going on, admiring Whiskey to no end, maybe he has a crush on him too.

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One of Whiskey’s Taunts is him shooting a Valentines card that Mike gives him.

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@Vicks_Toire @Ganjamira

That must be what I was thinking of, thanks.

That’s super cute / funny!



I wonder what Whiskey’s Mike designation was
William Francis Mike

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or better yet
William Faulkner Mike

How do our lives ravel out
into the no-wind, no-sound,
the weary gestures wearily recapitulant:
echoes of old compulsions with no-hand on no-string:
in sunset we fall into furious attitudes,
dead gestures of dolls…


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