Oscar Mike "The Revive Master"

I love Oscar Mike…

Yeah…people say he’s easy to play…no challenge…too conventional…yada, yada, yada

But I love him…and Air Strike is just sooooo good! And if you are good with crits…his AR is just plain deadly…and the grenade launcher is EXACTLY the type of weapon that was missing in BL2.

Plus…he’s funny as hell…and if you are an ex-G.I. like me, you really get a kick out of his sense of humor.

But I have noticed that while he is not considered a “healer” per se…I continuously revive and save more comrades than anyone else on the team…and it’s not even close.

Simply spec the two Helix skills that give 30% Extra Speed while stealthed and the Extra 6 Seconds of Stealth and viola’…you can stealth…speed to your down comrade…and revive them with almost complete invulnerability. I have revived TWO friends within one stealth this way.

Totally necessary on maps like the Heliophage where your comrades …especially melee comrades…can go down in droves.


You mean “revive”.

Exactly…late at night…thanks for the correction. Fixed.

You still have to be careful where and when you revive someone. Especially on difficult maps like Heliophage or any advanced map. If there are still a bunch of mobs around the one you are healing, they will just get squished again unless someone can take their focus and tank them while you and the revived character escape.

One of the biggest mistakes I have seen in advanced matches is people rushing in to revive companions without thinning or distracting the enemy, leading to revived and reviver both ending up dead.

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True…happens many times…but if you spec the extra 30% speed and the extra 6 seconds…you can usually get away quick enough.

But even then…it still happens if you aren’t careful…multiple deaths all on top of each other.

Yep. I had 17 revives in a PUG Helio Advanced attempt. We still wiped at the huge wav of everyone and their dog, but I had multiple revives under one stealth.

I also love Oscar Mike. “Gun metaphors!”

He’s basic, sure, but he also somehow never feels boring… at least not to me.

Aye mate. Oscar mike is a beastly reviver and i too have found great enjoyment in him.

also, guess who’s back XD

Stealth comes in handy on Capture maps too!

I am (retired now) and I do. He’s on point.

Also, agreed about the noticeable hole left in BL2 (and other BL titles) with no real GL. Some of the splatguns were SIMILAR, but yeah. No explosive ones, at any rate. Kind of a sad-trombone moment when that hit me.

Mike is awesome. I hadn’t thought of that particular use of his skills, mostly because I haven’t gotten around to multiplayer stuff yet. Thanks for planting that idea!

Shayne & Aurox is pretty good at that, too. Stealth, revive someone, and come out of the stealth body-blocking and soaking damage. The fun gameplay of S&A along with their ability to revive is one of the only things that keeps me playing Battleborn. I wish we had more versatile damage soakers on the roster. ISIC used to be one…

I miss ISIC. :C

…I am loving Shanes team abilities in advanced PvE.