Oscar mike tips?

I’ve been playing since release, but haven’t really given om a fair shot but want to give him a go. Any advice on mostly gear, build, playstyle and tips would be lovely. I do about 60/40 pve to pvp if that makes any difference gear wise. Let’s see the Oscar mike love :sunglasses:

I am not an expert, but my 2c:)

In PvE, I would go for an expensive loadout with reload, recoil and… probably something related to damage + health regen or something like that.
In PvP, I’d go for similar stuff, but I would try and fit cheap things (unless incursion maybe).

While it depends on the situation, a general build I’d go for with him would be something like

1-impact trigger
2-fragcendiary grenade
4-back in a jiff
6-stealthy shields
8-embiggened boom
9-leaning forward operation sneaky ghost
10-depends, but holy crap, concussive strike

I don’t really have any particular playstyle with him lol. In PvE you do what you should, in PvP well, I mostly prioritize clearing waves and harassing people from doing the same. He is VERY good at tracking people who like to jump or use movement abilities, so that can be extremely useful and you can melt people who make a “moving commitment”.

With reduced recoil, try to rely on critical shots. Mike doesn’t deal a lot of damage with “naked auto attack”, but with being mindful about tactical rounds and headshots, he becomes a very, very good harasser. Good Mikes I see often don’t excell in kills, but they have monstrous damage done, as they can harass and make people back off and at the same time, do wonders on minions with grenades.

At least, that’s how I play him. I assume others might play him as an ambusher rather than a constant pain in the ass harasser. With movement speed, stealth and all that jazz, he might be an assassin, but I feel more comfortable peppering everything red all the time, with not much worrying about the score table.

I hope this helped, even a lil bit:)

Thanks for the reply, but would shield regen be more beneficial than health regen? I run health regen on most of my other chars I play, but it seems like he could take a punch with a shield regen and maybe max shield too.