Oscar Mike V.S the Boring Battleschool

This OP is not fun, not one bit, the 40 OP skin is great, the 85 skin sucks. The four challenges for OPS points are repitive and hard to do not to mention you can fail them easily. The difficulty is harder then 100 OPS on Friendship Raid and the Thrall Rebilion. The Boss at the end is either long and boring, or short and boring. And those barrels can go to H*ll.

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Opinions, opinions, opinions. I enjoyed it, I enjoy all of them.

But, maybe shooting dudes isn’t enough for everyone. As far as difficulty goes, I don’t see it. But then again, I tend to play more cautiously than most.


Oscar Mike was the first BB i mastered and is still in my top five most played despite not having touched him in forever because of the nerf, so i really enjoyed the lore of him trying to earn his way back in to the Mike’s good graces.

Anyway, that aside, i kind of expected these operations to get progressively harder (as in each one is harder than the last). New challenges

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Actually my favorite one so far. Short and sweet, unlike the other two which I thought were too long.

It is fun but annoying at the same time if you are trying to complete the challenge for 100 OPs with each character.
Some characters are easy, others are taking me close to 10 runs to reach 100 OPs.
By the time I’m done with this challenge I’ll be in a straight jacket.

My only real problem with this Op is that it’s way too short and doesn’t offer much of a challenge but other than that, I like it :slight_smile:.

It’s an arena mode, so it’s just… kind of what it is. I certainly enjoyed the other two way more, I thought they were fun to play through and had very creative, unique level design with a pretty decent story. The Battleschool is just a big room with a few obstacles that change. It’s fine, but I’m not super excited about replaying it for the skins and loot.


They reused it for the dojo too. I get the vibe that the reused as many assets as the could so they could focus on the winter update. And then used story telling to dress it up.

I think it worked too. I thought it was the funniest op. Plus anything with arachnis in it is OK in my book.

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It is a huge let down considering how awesome a character Oscar Mike is. Played it 10 times so have heard all the dialogue options…15-20 minute runs of the missions if that.

Gearbox you let us all down on this one, just as bad as not having Nova in a Robot suit as a DLC character!!

Shame, Shame, SHAME!

[quote=“runehamster, post:7, topic:1554710, full:true”]The Battleschool is just a big room with a few obstacles that change.

Technically, it’s 4 different rooms stacked on top of each other in a way that you can’t see (the “teleport back” actually just teleports you to the next one up rather than actually teleporting you back to the same room as before), so it’s more like a tower where you can’t see the stairs. You can tells the rooms are different by looking up at the ceilings and upper parts of the pillars for the various different decorations that each room gets. Also, depending upon which arena, when you open the map (via the 3 button on PC; not sure about console) it will light up differently (which is how the game displays different elevations) depending upon your current round.


Gearbox isn’t exactly known for creating something incredibly new in every piece of content. You know how much reusable asset-age is in Borderlands? It’s not really a bad thing if it works, either.

As for this whole thread: the subjectivity is insane.

Oh i have no issue at all with it. I always think of arkham asylum. running back and forth through the same areas was awesome because of the story etc…

I’m having a good time. There’s been plenty of variance for me, I really like the arena battles.

Every mission, op, and pvp mode has different lengths. This is most likely on purpose, so that no matter how much (or little) time you have available, there will be something Battleborny for you to do. Battle School fills a very important niche, the 10-15 minute niche. It’s quick, to the point, and gives xp and loot. If you’ve got a little bit of time before bed/school/child’s nap time, you can squeeze in a quick battle school with any hero. I get why some people are miffed, but not everything should be long and convoluted. Sometimes you want to jump in and out.

Edit: Also, the Saga of the Mikes is phenomenal.

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It is shorter. The locale is potentially inferior. The Ops Points are no longer really randomized.

But there are more enemies, bosses, gear opportunities, and Oscar Mike’s.

It is higher octane due to to the arena style nature, and gives the horde mode many asked for. Could it be better? Sure. Is it bad? I’d say no