Oscar Mike Versus the Battleschool Rewards

ISIC’s first skin

And Miko’s:


om and gali first skin. also let me tell you the om taunt “Morale Boost” you get is epic.

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I got the Jennerit Legendary! “Scalewolf Crest,” though not max-roll. I actually received it twice via Jennerit Commander Packs, but to no max-roll avail.

Not bad!


1st Whiskey skin and the taunt

2nd Whiskey

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So you’ve gotten all the Ops Points then? My friends and I keep missing one and it’s driving us crazy, we got the one in that first door you have to run to but can’t figure out where the missing one is :frowning:

we too haven’t gotten to 100 yet

Alani 1:

Alani 2:

Miko 1:

Miko 2:


1st Pendles

2nd Pendles

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Those skins are hideous for my taste. Thank you for posting pictures of them. I won’t even bother on getting them.


Just found all the hidden Ops Points! The challenges are pretty difficult, though. Almost to 100 possible Ops Points!

Props to @skills4u2envy for locating the one that evaded @crimsonregret55 and I.

Gotta go fast! How to get all the Ops Points before the battles



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El Dragon

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Awesome job you, @Lehonay, and @Tokesy97
I don’t have enough likes to mark each of your posts but it’s all updated and :heart:
I also have access to the update finally so I’ll set everything that doesn’t require pics up

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So are there any taunts anyone has discovered yet??

I got one for Whiskey and one for Mike so far, a ton of skins.
Have done the new dlc 13 times and am up to OPs 88 now.
The challenges in this one are impossible for some characters IMHO.

There is a second in that same area on the narrow little bridge that sinks into the clone goo if you don’t rush to it as well. it’s a bit after the conveyor belt

I really enjoyed DLC1 skins, really liked the black skins of the DLC2, the white sometimes. This time, I feel it’s my turn not to love the new DLC3 skins.