Oscar Mike Versus the Battleschool

Yay, we can finally play

Feel free to tell everyone about how you managed to SPOILERS before SPOILERS SPOILERS. Write about how great it is, or how there’s one bug where hitting a gear makes it move slightly and you’re swearing off the whole Box. Go on about how the balance is perfect, but Oscar Mike says bro just one too many times
Then, to discuss, see, and submit gear, skins, and titles, go


You’re a Star today :sunny:

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Have the servers been screwy for anyone else? Me and the wife have timed out every connection

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Just did it 4 times, 1 Beatrix 3 Alani and all 4 were fine. (Steam/PC)

actually looked and felt better than what i remember, but damn this operation sucks. basically is the dojo with om vo, and baby spiders. i really enjoyed the first 2-especially toby raid-but battle school is mega lame. i really don’t want to even play it again. hopefully montana’s is soon and thorn gets conversation with phoebe…

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Haha thanks (seriously though)

How was it? I’ve been hearing short and bad

It is super short, that much is true. And if you don’t get the ops points while you’re fighting, you don’t get them. Other than that, it’s fine. Nice change from the hour long scavenger hunts the others are.

Edit: also, it is reeeaaalllly going to test how much you like Oscar Mike.

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It was so underwhelming it’s rather disappointing I would of waited another month or two for something a bit more interesting

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Shower thought: maybe it’s this way by design, as a sort of loot-grind spot. It only takes about twenty minutes to go through, and there is a very disproportionate amount of big chests lieing around. I mean there is tons of gear if you know where to look. The ops points are hectic, but it’d take half the time to do a 100 run than it would with Thrall Rebellion.

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I found it fun, a bit more challenging than toby’s. And my god it is so damn funny. I think they did a good job!

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What’s the deal with that console panel that can “reticulate Mikes?” I got past the first part and the thing happened, otherwise no effect?

Speed run to get 2 Ops Points in the beginning

@Genericktag If you pick the wrong panel you need to wait until the stars turn white again and pick another one until you get the Op Point


Ah ok it seemed more special than that, like there would be something bigger involved.

Poor, poor jeff :frowning:

It’s Geoff. I mean, Arachnis.

The dialogue was really funny but its is soo disappointingly short. I actually liked hunting down all the ops point in the previous ones this one its just to hectic.

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It is short but in its own it fits, the Ninja Geoff is pretty awesome, shows up later than the regular guy.

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Really short, lot of chaotic action, very dull environments. I have no idea how to get all ops point or trigger the 4th subquest (I always seem to get 3).

There’s actually two ops objectives in the second phase, simultaneously.

That was a nightmare for Ernest. Try it, failed both and he died 3 times.
(The nerf to his nades really made this one tough at higher OPs, even with damage gear.)