Oscar Mike vs. Whiskey Foxtrot

Curious on peoples thoughts on the 2.
For me, I feel like Oscar Mike is stronger/better then Foxtrot. Don’t know the damage of both rifles, but Oscar’s is easier to use (IMO). Oscar’s nade is better then Foxtrot’s sticky, overall, the sticky is only better at taking out 1 person at a time IF you manage to hit them with it. Stealth has more use then the Scrap cannon since it can save life’s or gank players. While Flack is more of a “get off me” skill.
Oscar’s ult is also vastly superior to Foxtrot’s, again, against 1 player Foxtrot’s would be better. However, it does (from what I can see) the same damage as his normal shots, just being able to fire continuously. I feel like it also leaves him open for far to long.
He has to slowly tinker with his rifle so it can fire the ult, then when it’s done he has to slowly take the things off his gun.
While Oscar just needs a second to tilt his gun on the side to fire and another second to bring the gun back into position afterwards.
Again this is all my opinion from playing as the 2 and I would like to know yours!

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Yeah, Whisky Foxtrot falls behind… I’ve ranted in enough threads about this now so I’ll not go into it all over again here lol.

That said, I much prefer Whisky’s burst rifle. I hate trying to aim Oscar’s rifle until you get the sight helix upgrade! They serve different purposes too. Oscar’s rifle is more for frontal assault with the full auto and higher recoil, whereas Whisky’s burst fire is much better for focus on critical points with the lower recoil. I think most people try to use Whisky’s rifle the same as Oscar’s and make the comparison that it’s not as good. If you use it right, it’s actually on par with Oscar Mike’s rifle imo

Awww, you can copy and paste those things here :smiley:

With the last thing you said, about Whiskey’s rifle being on par with Mike’s, IF you use it right. Which to me means that Mike’s is better seeing as you don’t have to use it right, just shoot at the enemy.
That just covers the rifle though, what about the skills?

I thought the scrap cannon shot was a let down. I saw it used in a video and immediately thought of the flak cannon from the Unreal Tournament games but in practice it wasn’t very powerful. As above, it seems to just be a way to push enemies back and/or get out of range. These are first impressions though. I’ve not got much practice with him.

I like whiskey better.
Yes scatter is not as good as cloak but his mutations for his grenades are better you take the separate sticky into 3 then add the napalm mutation you now leave 3 burning DOT’s on the ground.
Also I found his gun to do more damage I especially liked turning his gun to full auto more useful then Mikes missile strike in boss fights.

That’s just my opinion and I don’t have either maxed out yet to test fully.

My two cents on the Scrap Cannon. His ult is terrible and his sticky bombs are great… if you manage to get them to hit’n’stick an enemy

Also, Oscar Mike’s rifle is more new player friendly for sure. But I’ve noticed that, much like Borderlands, if you’re not hitting criticals then everything feels like a bullet sponge. I’ve quite often hit a few criticals and then had a moment of “wtf happened to it’s health bar?!”. A skilled PC player could be a monster with him. I’m on console so I’ll settle for mediocre lol

There’s a helix for hitting someone with the Flack C. and you can do more damage to them with your rifle for a brief period…so still not used for offense (the skill itself).

But 3 stickies cuts the damage of the 1 you start with, plus you would want to use the stickies on players rather then the ground where with Oscar it would be the ground and not players.
I perosnally find Mike’s ult to be advantages in boss fights as well as PvP’s as opposed to Foxtrot’s :stuck_out_tongue:

Same here! More like a first impressions with me.

Agreed! I also want to like Foxtrot, but he’s just a dumb-down version of Oscar…in more then just him being a failed clone of Oscar (lore).

Oscar is way better in my opinion. Foxtrot just has lame skills that aren’t special. I’m not sure if his gun does more damage or not but I feel like Oscar is easier to use so his gun just seems better. I haven’t tried any of the recoil perks yet though.

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I use a controller and am pretty good at blasting peoples faces most of the time. Of course them moving around and like the minions, the hitbox for their face seems to be blocked by their shoulder or something at times.

Oscar Mike is far superior in every way and really shines in this type of game. His character, weapons, abilities, talent, helix, and with the right items you can have possibly the best character in this game.

Check out my Oscar Mike build:

Not saying you can’t crit with Oscar Mike or that using a controller over k&m is the better option for everyone, but imo Whisky seems more designed for crits to keep up with other characters DPS-wise

Oscar Mike is better in virtually every situation. Oddly enough, when I play as Oscar Mike I have trouble against Whiskey Foxtrot, and when I play Whiskey Foxtrot I don’t have any trouble with Oscar Mike.