Oscar Mike Vs Whisky Foxtrot Models

This may seem a little superfluous with the game already out, but…

I’m a firm believer in models guiding playstyle, especially in a complex game like this.

So my “dream” is that instead of their models being so similar, maybe make Whisky’s a little more squat/heavy set, so people see him more of a close/mid assaulter than trying to play him the same way as Oscar. Unless of course you intended them to be played in the same manner.

Feel free to ignore this, I’m just throwing it out there to get it out of my head. :slight_smile:


I’m referring to visual feedback for new players getting into the game by the way, not expert players. Just FYI.

They are both clones so it makes since that they are so similar in looks. Whiskey fox was just discarded because he was not a perfect clone

Nah I get the lore, but surely he could be an even less perfect clone? :wink:

Ha personally I think whiskey fox is the better clone!

I think they came out just right.
If you took a good Marine and messed him up, well he’d be a lot like Whisky.
Semper Fi

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You mean like how Toby’s a giant tank looking mech because he’s supposed to be on the front lines taking damage? Or how El Dragon looks like a giant lumbering tank because that’s how he plays?

A lot of the characters don’t really “look” the way they play in this one… I’d say WTF’s appearance is one of the least misleading ones.

Every good Marine is messed up. Ooh-Rah.

I get the whole lore thing too, and the looking like playstyle but I dont see OM’s problem being lore or playstyle. Its about how in the heat of a battle it can be impossible to tell who is who because they are so similar. This is a problem I have frequently. It takes more thought to distinguish OM and WTF than say Montana and ISIC.

Semper Fi do or die