Oscar Mike's Secret History

So, I’m late to the BB world, and this may have been discussed ad nauseum last summer, but the most recent Battle Plan makes it relevant again. I haven’t finished the OM story 10 times, so I haven’t seen all the lore involved with it, but I’ve been thinking about OM’s background and I had an odd thought…

What if OM isn’t actually a clone, but the last living natural Galahadrim?

When I first started playing OM, I was confused about why OM was so desperate to keep people in the BB from thinking he’s a clone. It pops up in his lore, in other BB’s lore and in the voiceover. I assumed that clones were considered undesirables, and he was afraid that he’d get kicked out of the BB if they knew. Then some of Ghalt’s background info, and the newest Plan, made me believe that Mike clones are considered excellent soldiers, and no-one seems to care that they’re clones.

This, combined with OM’s reluctance to ever take off his armor and Beatrix’s surprise at how he hasn’t suffered any of the biological consequences of the cloning process (and Mike’s confusion as to why she would think he should have) gave me the idea that Mike’s not actually a clone. He’s a real Galahadrim who joined the Mike corps because he was looking for “bros”. Heck, he may even be the original source for the DNA used to clone the entire Mike corps. It would make sense that they’d choose an excellent soldier (which OM is) as the source material. It even explains why WF hates Mike so much; he’s Mike’s rejected “child” and wants revenge/validation from the Father of All Mikes.

Anyone aware of any lore that supports or refutes this that I missed?

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Good depth but you may be putting too much thought into it because in the Twitch video for that dlc the team verified that Mike is one of many clones.

:cry: That’s what I get for not having the time to watch the Twitch streams…

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If your theory wasn’t already debunked we could have gone a step further.

Oscar Mike is


31 BB is now confirmed to be BOBA MIKE

No regrets. HOO-RAH

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You know, if you gave Caldarius access to Ghalt’s Chain…


It wasn’t debunked. It ascended into headcanon. :stuck_out_tongue:

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So…there’s still hope for the Galahadrim???

Off topic: earned my first diamond medal playing through the Prologue to get the black skins for the starter toons. Tanto amore per voi, Mellka!

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