Oscar's Montanna Lore Challenge

Is it supposed to count if you play public story mode? I played tonight with a Montanna on my team and it still says 0/5.

Im a solo player and I am not comfortable doing pvp so I thought I would try public story first. I’ll suck it up if it has to be pvp.

Kind of stupid if it is. I was able to get reyna’s shielding 100 allies in public story tonight. I would think playing with Montanna that way would be okay.

Yes, it works in PVE too.

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I wonder why it didnt register. But ill keep trying. Maybe this one time it was just bugged or something. Thank you!

Basically only “kill/hit other players” or “kill this one hero x times” challenges require PVP mode.

The challenge won’t increment if the Montana leaves the game early. So if he quits before mission end, you won’t get credit. Sucks, but that’s how it works.

Oooohhh. Yeah. Thats what happened. I didnt even think of that. That does suck.

To get Master of OM I had some friends help me with that last part, because I could never find a game with a Montana.
We just suicided at the start and it worked. So just the first map, start any mode, then jump off the ledges.

Hey thanks!

It also works split screen, I signed in my partners account as a second player and did hardcore mode. Just run off the edge and fail the mission, works with all characters that require playing with a certain teammate, only problem is if they don’t have a certain character unlocked…

If you really want this lore done quick, just find a friend. Go into “the renegade” story mission, play hardcore, and both of you suicide at the start.

Upside, gets the lore done.
Downside, you don’t get the lore “done” if you know what I mean.

I was able to get his lore unlocked finally. just played a few capture missions. thanks for the response guys