Osmosis / Wellspring / Alani Lore Question

Does / can Alani’s Osmosis heal multiple targets?

Which Battleborn have 800 hit points or more?

How will I know when is a good time to use it (with 3 stacks) to heal 800 health in a single use?

Does skill damsge gear increase Osmosis healing?

Does Alani always heal herself as well as others or just whomever she has targeted?

Thanks in advance.


All of them can get more than 800 hit points by leveling but Orendi, Dragon and Pendles start with the least

Three stacks is good for any tank characters that are low or just someone is about to die in an emergency other than that you don’t even need to use full osmosis to heal someone.


She just heals whoever she targets, if there is no one to target she will heal herself for 50% of the healing she would have done.

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Osmosis does not heal. It the name of her passive, by which she generates Osmosis Stacks. Wellspring is her healing ability, and it consumes Osmosis stacks. The greater the stacks, the greater the heal. Wellspring is necessarily a single-target heal.

All Battleborn have more than 800 HP.

A good time to use full stacks is when someone can utilize it all or most of it, but before they are dead. This varies throughout the game (early game you can only heal ~600, but late game I’ve dropped a max 2122 on someone). In general, it’s a good idea to use it on someone below half health.

Not to my knowledge. There may be a bug that causes SD gear to buff it like AD gear buffing Miko’s heal in the past, but they patched that Miko bug, and I expect that they would have patched any similar bugs like it.

No. She only heals her single target. The only multi heal she has comes through her level 1 helix.


So to maximize my chances of getting her Lores activated in combat, I should wear plus Healing Power gear, take her Riptde heal / slow helixes and cast into big groups of Battleborn, and try to cast Wellspring on tanky Characters with less than half health?


I personally always take the Geyser heal, because it is a quite powerful burst heal and useful if I have two teammates that need healing. The riptide heal is nice, because it is easier to land on allies, but it is much weaker until you get the level 9 duration upgrade. Heal power gear is almost mandatory, as a healer. I personally prefer Symbiotic Spores. Effectively a 25% heal buff, and a 37.5% heal buff to yourself (even though you get half the heal if you use Wellspring on yourself, this is enough to nearly give you a full self-heal late in the game). Very power piece of gear. I personally finish my loadout with Vow of Zealous Fury and a free shard generator. Once I hit level 7 I’m firing my primary attack with more than a 40% AS buff, so I’m generating Osmosis stacks extremely fast.

Definitely heal your tanks up, but don’t wait for them to get low if you have squishy characters who are in graver danger. Remember that a squishy at half is usually just as close to death as a tank at a quarter.


I don’t know about early game 600 heals, I’ve seen my wellspring doing almost 800 healing while we haven’t got to the first defense point in the Renegade. We were lvl2, yeah, and I never use heal gear.

It won’t affect the challenge at all. Actually make it harder, you might have a teammate at 780/1600 HP (eligible for your challenge requirements), but your skill will heal him a bit to 830/1600 HP thus making him not eligible anymore.

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Unless it has changed recently, I believe the exact base max heal is 674, according to this. It’s unfortunately a bit out of date, but I don’t believe her heal has ever changed.

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Great tips…

I’m not so much (right now) trying to improve my performance / outputs as Alani (plenty of experience with her) but trying to finally finish off these damm lores, which have currently taken me longer than any of the other characters I’ve mastered.

And yes, it took me some time to get used to using it, but Geyser heal is FAR superior!

When you were insisting no I cracked up because I was kinda wondering why you preferred cooldown over attack speed and now it all made sense

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The Lifeguards Have Given Up (or something like that) is the harder lore challenge and it will give you a lot of trouble and hard work. Just warning you. :slight_smile:

I play as Boldur and my gf plays as Alani, most of the times. We played a lot of months until we could complete that “naturally”, playing with pugs and don’t exactly focusing on that challenge. Sure, you can get a group of 5 friends and do it in a few games too.

Have fun and, if you can, play together with a tank. I think she is a very good “tank healer”, specially if you’re communicating to coordinate Geyser or Riptide heals too.

The Wellspring lore can be very easily achieved in PVE with a second person playing Montana (actual player or a second profile and second controller).

The key two helix choices I used included Extremophile (level 5) followed by Refresher (level 6) and I stacked on gear so that all three had healing stats (overkill maybe, but I like to ensure things get done).

Play Renegade and after the first defense section, you will run up towards the area with the three turrets (before the next defense point) - Montana stands just in range of the first one and you use your Riptide to generate Osmosis stacks on yourself and heal Montana when his health has dipped down low enough.

May be a ‘cheese’ way to do it, but after the nonesense that was trying to get The Lifeguards Have Given Up, this was the last lore of her’s I had to do and just wanted it done and out of the way and how I did it.


If the lore “lifeguards haven’t given up yet” is the one where you affect 5 people in a riptide, then you can do it in that one ship before you go out and kill some people. I finished that lore there.

Editted it cause of auto-correct…from routine to riptide

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I only have 3 left in both Lifeguards and Wellspring lore (fingers crossed I cannget them done today) and then I’ll be able to legit say I’ve mastered Alani in PVP.

I think, all told, it will have taken me longer than Thorn and getting Her 10 in air Battleborn volley skill kills.