Other Legendary Class Mods -> Bloodletter swapping (Limited availability now, because of no space!)

Found a lot of useless class mods (useless for me) so I gladly swap them for Bloodletters which is the only useful one for me currently.

I found the following so far:


  • Blended Tangled Elementalist (+25% Weapon Damage, +1487 Health, +50% Dahl Accuracy)
  • Blended Tangled Elementalist (+45% Jacobs Critical Damage, -19% Shield delay, +23% KDK firerate)
  • Blended Carpet Bombing Elementalist (+23% KDK firerate, +20% Cryo Resist, +10% KDK damage)
  • Primeval Meditative Phasezerker (+24% Magazine, +45% Atlas crit damage, +27% grenaderadius )
  • Entraced Cosmic Phasezerker (+25% Weapon Damage, +50% Tediore Accuracy, +20% Rad resist)
  • Primordial Phasezerker (+45% Dahl critical damage, +10% Maliwan Damage)
  • Volatile Raining Nimbus (+30% Grenade damage, +50% Maliwan accuracy, +45% Dahl crit damage))
  • Volatile Reactive Nimbus (+10% Atlas damage, +15% dahl firerate, +31% SMG damage)
  • ■■■■-a-Dope Solitary Breaker (+10% Dahl Damage, +25% Torgue Reload speed, +31 Pistole damage)


  • Tribal Refreshed Friend-Bot (+50% Malivan accuracy, +10% Atlas damage, +20% reload speed)
  • Venator Frenetic Bounty Hunter(+20% shock resist, +14% healthregen, +31% pistole damage)
  • Rabid Bounty Hunter (+31% Assault damage, +20% Burn resist, +55% Torgue Projectil Speed)
  • Man-Eater Bounty Hunter (+29% Radius Indirect Damage, +25% Weapon Damage, +20% Reload speed) Gone, sent to someone randomly!
  • Collector Cosmic Stalker (+13% firerate, +15% tediore firerate, +5 grenade cap)
  • Frothing Prideful Red Fang (+10% tediore damage, +50% tediore accuracy, +20% fire resistance)
  • Snowboating Feral Rakk Commander (+15% Hyperion firerate, +32% KDS firerate, +25% Atlas Reload Speed) Gone, sent to someone randomly!
  • Pronghorn DE4DEYE (+15% Hyperion Firerate, +32% Accuracy, +10% Atlas damage) Gone, sent to someone randomly!
  • Pronghorn Mangoose DE4DEYE (+15% Tediore Firerate, +45% Hyperion Crit damage, +31% Assault rifle damage)


  • Megaton Molly Mind Sweeper (+15% Malivan firerate, +23% KDK firerate, +50% torgue accuracy)
  • Megaton Molly Mind Sweeper (+25% weapon damage, +15% tediore firerate, +31% sniper damage)
  • Megaton Molly Mind Sweeper (+13% Firerate, +10% Tediore Damage, +31% Actionskill cooldown) Gone, sent to someone randomly!
  • Molly Gains Mind Sweeper (+32% Atlas firerate, +31% SMG damage, +10% Hyperion damage)
  • Sanctified Batty Blast Master (+13% firerate, +10% tediore damage, +20% reload speed)
  • Sanctified Batty Blast Master (+25% Tediore reload, +32% Atlas firerate, +10% tediore damage)
  • Blessed Circulating Blast Master (+18% Critical Damage, +31% Shotgun Damage, +50% Maliwan accuracy)
  • Blood-Sucking Blast Master (+36% Shield load speed, +25% Dahl reload speed, +50% Torgue Accuracy)
  • Blood-Sucking Blast Master (+15% Tediore firerate, +25% Torgue reload speed, +54% Atlas load speed) Thrown away!
  • Hazy Calorie Burning Rocketeer (+20% Burnresist, +25% Vladof reload, +149 Health Regen)
  • Bangin’Bear Trooper (+10% Atlas Damage, +10% Dahl Damage, +31% Assault Damage)
  • Boomin’Reinforced Bear Trooper (+20% Burn resist, +23% KDK firerate, +50% Dahl Accuracy) Thrown away because no space.


  • Peemptive Unlikely Techspert (+50% Jacobs & tediore accuracy, +10% Malivan damage)
  • Peemptive Unlikely Techspert (+28% Indirect Damage, +20 Shock resistance, +31% heavy damage)
  • Next Day Jury-Rigged Shockerator (+36% Shield Reload speed, +30% Grenade damage, +32% Atlas firerate)
  • Scattered Zippy Cold Warrior (+13% Firerate, +27% Grenaderadius, +25% Hyperion Reloadspeed)
  • Treacherous Executor (+25% Weapon Damage, +50% Vladof Accuracy, +31% Assault damage)

Also because of no space in inventory and bank I will have to sell them soon (next 24h) if nobody is interested. Yeah limited bank size is a big issue with this game and mules are too bothersome.

EDIT: No space anymore for any more so I will continue to farm but stuff will now start to vanish, so if you badly want one of them hurry, I prefer to send it to someone even if they can’t give me a Bloodletter than sell it in the vending machine, but the limiting space is forcing me to do now.

EDIT2: I’m slowly beginning to believe the Bloodletter was removed or so, because you know I now got almost anything for all characters but that damn Bloodletter?!

EDIT3: Finally found a Augmented Entrenched Bloodletter but oh the surprise, it’s useless too, it has +150% Shield Delay and -50% Shield reload LOL! with my shield that is almost 20 seconds delay and it then takes 25 seconds to fully load = I die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die!!! My Epic Reinforced Entrenched Shield Maiden is better, much better.

So there is now absolutely no Legendary Class Mod for my skill tree then, well, I think i will abandon Moze then or I need to respec in stuff i don’t want, so bye bye Moze then, well done, you ruined the only class mod available for the brown skill tree!? Why?

I’d take the Elementalist. I have a Bloodletter with good skills but the stats aren’t the greatest.
GT: ICE Faux Pirate

Easy for now i’m happy to at least simply get one, so I send you the Elementalist and you send me that Bloodletter. I send you GT in PM and thanks.