Other people's idea for new gear types

So I made a post about my ideas for new gear types, but I want like to know what other ideas people have for new gear. So please share them on this topic.

Pearlescents that give the character something visually unique such as confetti from explosives.

With these pearlescents Iā€™d want the drop rate to forever stay at a low number. They should feel genuinely special to see In play or be discovered.


if legendaries (or pearlescents, whatever you want) gave confetti when their effect came in to play id pay the 1800 shards for them and run 3 every match CONFETTI FOR EVERYONE!!!

personally id love to see moregear. (must collect!)
since its not supposed to be a huge game changer id love to see it for every stat, no matter how small its effect.

aoe radii
dot time

ive had a big list before, but at work im having trouble remembering it. basically if its something in the game id love for there to be gear for it. :slight_smile:

going thru gear loadouts is cathartic for me. i love wiping all of mine occassionally (two nights ago :D) and rebuilding them.


Accuracy, charge time, animation time, aoe of shots, hitbox decreaser, etc. Just, all of the tweakable things. Speaking of, can we have a queue where everyone is huge?

Gear Activation Cost Reduction (Reduces the shards needed to activate your other pieces of gear).

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But that is the problem, gear is what makes the game unbalanced. Before we see any new types of gear, I want them to look at the whole system and rework it, especially legendary items. Some should not be 1800 and some should be closer to 3600.

id be fine with them being 1800 and every stat bonus being only 1% at max. i literally dont care if they nerf thwm into the ground.