Other than Gwen’s Head

… are there any other item drops in NVHM that scale to your current story lvl??

The Lyudas & Veruc’s from Gettle & Mobley scale in NVHM.
Not level for level, but in jumps, they’ll jump up to match story level every 3-5 levels or so (depending on Stuff).


Thanks mate. Sounds like all roads lead to The Dust … death to all Buzzards!!

Oh, and of course DLC mission weapons scale, but I don’t think you meant that.

For example, over the last 7 years I’ve collected Corrosive and Fire Pimpernels at every level from 15 up from the Scarlett DLC. The Pimpernel and Sand Hawk you get as mission rewards will always be +1 level from the level you entered the DLC. i.e., enter the DLC at lvl 20 and your Pimpernel will be level 21.

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Does that mean the Hammer Buster (from McNally after completing “The Bane”) also levels up?

Y’know, I’ve never checked that (and didn’t mention that one).

I don’t use the Hammer that much so rarely do the Bane quest and rarely have I farmed one after the quest (maybe once). I only have (checking…) 16 of 'em. NVHM levels of 18, 19, 20, and 28, then 33, 37, 46, and 50 in TVHM so the quest reward must scale. And an 8, that must have been a world drop.

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Doesn’t the Fastball, Slagga and Badaboom all scale in NVHM. I kind of think the Maggie does also. :thinking:

The Maggie does not scale in NVHM. Don’t think the other ones do either, I’ve just never farmed them.
Edit: I mean I’ve never farmed them for specific levels. I’ve of course farmed them to have at least one copy for myself, I farmed every Legendary in BL2 except the Norfleet, I had to get one of those from the BL3 marketing points thing.

Yea, I just tried the Slagga a little bit ago and it did not scale.

Edit: Badaboom also did not scale. 0 for 3 so far. Fastball maybe? :roll_eyes: