Other than Lob, what are the current top-tier Clone's weapons?

Yes, I know about the Clone Weapon Tier list thread, but unfortunately it seems like OP doesn’t play anymore due to the level increases. Plus there’s no mention whatsoever about Lob.

So yeah, Lob is a really awesome weapon, especially due to the clone actually spamming the weapon, but the issues that I’ve found currently is:

  1. Incredibly short range, so clone tend to fire ineffectually into distant enemies.
  2. Super slow projectile as well, so clone have lots of problems in fighting airborne enemies.
  3. For certain bosses like Graveward, the clone doesn’t actually fire at all most of the times.
  4. Kinda player skill issue, but I’ve lost count on how many I’ve died to my own Lob. Still searching for a Shock version TBH to pair with the Transformer.

So any alternative proposals would be much appreciated, thanks in advance!

The Shocker from the new DLC is kinda like a mini-Lob and it looks like it has greater range, but of course it’s shock-only.

The brainstormer is pretty good for mobbing/situations where you can use the chain procs.

Not great for bosses without adds obviously.

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Scourge, Hive

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Boom sickle could be considered top tier now :smiley:
Before the Lob, I was only recognizing the cutsman being ridiculously OP

I like the craps gun. If you play with clone he does really well with an annexed ion cannon. Then you can play pretty much every half decent gun with the 100% added cryo dmg anoint.

The craps is definitely top tier :smiley:
Was using it until now I switched to boomsickle

I love the hive for mobbing. Graveward it doesn’t matter, apart from when he drops no weapon reaches him on clone, I don’t know why the clone has such a short range, even with snipers and such.

Shredda, I let the clone beat Capt. Traunt with it by himself…didn’t take that long either

Despite the fact it is locked at level 53, I have found the clone just destroys using the Wedding invitation. Earlier today, in the latest DLC, he was killing the enemies before they even came out of their respective portals. I was WTF?
It is one weapon he spams rather well…

I had good success with the clone using an ION CANNON.

Soulrender and Serryual Killur have been great for mobbing.

I would try out the Dastardly Seventh Sense Jackobs Pistol… That thing in the clone’s hand would do some great damage.

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Thanks for the replies everyone!

@Rumplebunny: interesting. Just watched a video on it, seems very clunky compared to a Lob burst, since you need to hit in an optimal distance. Still need to try for myself though.

@Suckit: I have tested, but Lob seems better. I do appreciate its interaction versus Wotan though.

@alco91: I haven’t had Hive yet, but Scourge seems to deal lower damage than Lob. Also not good versus melee enemies.

@lolli42: I’ve heard about the legend of the Boom Sickle, unfortunately the farming is really, really hard, and the stacking itself may actually be a bug that would be fixed.

@Superfr34k & joechung : do you mean Clone using Craps? I will test that later. Ion Cannon doesn’t have as high DPS as a Lob on the clone, unfortunately.

@stray1: apparently I really need to give Hive a chance. I’ll try farming it later.

@adrunkenmess1: It’s a Purple weapon right? Haven’t had the perfect combo yet as per the tier list, but the non-perfect combo seems to deal lower damage compared to Lob.

@bbmotors: oh, good to know. Unfortunately I had missed out forever on that weapon since I haven’t played yet during that time, just started last week or so.

@Ashz2Ashz: Soulrender seems like super-fun, how’s the Clone AI with it? Also I haven’t found any weapon named “Serryual Killur”.

@korben44: Wow, this gun seems to be super-fun. Just hoped that the Clone’s AI is spamming it properly then, fingers crossed.

Anyway great suggestions everyone! Personally I’m trying to do as many time-limited events as possible now, so I haven’t played yet DLC 2. Just finished my 1st M4 Maliwan Takedown event with a Clone/Drone build, and TBH I could see why people are playing Barrier/Drone instead. Clone is pretty much dead weight in the final boss fight, only contributing as a FFYL respawn pretty much. Still won’t give up on the build yet though.

Serruyal Killur is a COV AR that increases damage and fire rate on kill , up to 3 stacks.

Not sure if the clone benefits from this , but the gun glows when fully buffed and I swear I saw my clones gun glowing. But I havent rested.

The boom sickle isn’t doing that much more damage than the craps for me. It’s just more comfortable to use because of the spread. If they don’t nerf the lob, never nerved the cutsman, why would they nerf the boomsickle

Maliwan Nothingness off the new DLC is a fun one, as is the Insider.

Clone is great for weapons that you would love to spam but can’t due to reload or ammo consumption issues.

One use is giving the clone shock weapons to drain shields while you use other elements.

As mentioned earlier … after getting the shocker to drop I used pretty much it on my clone the rest of the playthrough.

Appears to be a dedicated drop in Negul Neshai , drops off of , no idea if it’s a world drop or not. But drops from Voltborn near the wrecked ship.

Yeah it’s not a world drop, only drops from Voltborn.

I cant remember the name of the gun, but its the shotgun you get from the last DLC (DCL2) quest. It shoots hearts and wow it wrecks.